More comings and goings in La Sal

Welcome home to Melissa Palfreyman, who travels to Israel every few years as part of a group hosted by her mother.  Her latest trip was a couple of weeks ago when the latest war broke out.  Many of us worried about her safety, but she was safe in Jerusalem.  She arrived home on schedule to a sigh of relief from family and friends.  What an adventure.
Last Friday night was the annual chili cookoff at the community center.  After judging, the beans were served as Navajo tacos.  Maybe you were lucky enough for it to be your night to cook.
Here is the announcement you’ve all been waiting for – the schedule for La Sal’s favorite holiday – Halloween.  The carnival will be October 28 at the community center from 6 to 7 p.m., more or less, with Trunk or Treat to follow after.  
There is no admission charge but donations are welcome.  The La Sal School PTO goal is to garner $500 this year.  These funds will take the kids on excursions and other activities.  While our kids may be at a disadvantage compared to bigger schools, there are advantages to our little one room school too.
Booths for the carnival are sponsored by local businesses, so if you’d like to sponsor a booth, let the PTO ladies know.  It is $25 per booth.  Call Jennifer Johnson at 702-305-0367 or Amanda Shupe at 435-678-1292.  And a happy scaring to you.
Also happening now at La Sal E is pre-school.  What fun.  Kids are just landing on planet Earth smarter and needing more challenging stimuli all the time aren’t they.
Come meet and greet and get to know your neighbors on October 27 at the community center.  This is a night of information on the resources available in our village.  It’s a great opportunity to share ideas, wants and needs or just meet some new friends.  The event starts at 7 p.m.  Come and make a connection.  
Prior to this, La Sal Recreation Board chair Kristl Johnson wants to put together a list of local livestock brands.  This will help folks identify wayward critters who show up where they ought not be. Well, this is an agrarian community. 
For more information on these and other happenings, check out La Sal Barter and Trade on Facebook.  If it’s important to our village, it will be there.
Fall fell in our area.  The Mountain is sans golden leaves, at least on the south side which faces La Sal.  Seems like they sure went quick this year.  Loads of firewood are still coming off the hill so I guess it will be winter soon enough.
Took one last jaunt to The Mountain just before the last leaf fell.  It was beautiful.  Something I’ve never noticed before is golden quakie leaves resting on the boughs of the spruce trees.  
It looked like decorated Christmas trees.  Don’t look now, but it is only two months until Christmas.  Yikes!

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