La Sal Transitions to Summer – Sort Of

Well, if the wind would stop blowing, we’d think it was Spring. Every year some folks say they think it is blowing harder this year. I’m inclined to agree. The temperatures are nice, but the wind, ugh! Okay, so it would not be Spring here if there were not wind.
If it is Spring, the local gals (and sometimes guys) are holding a farmer’s market. The last one was held this Saturday just passed and will be every other Saturday until Fall. It is off to slow start, with only three vendors last week. That will change as the season progresses.
I’m actually surprised not to see garden starter plants at the market now. Nonetheless, my partner and I did find a few needed items last Saturday.
He was excited the “soap lady” was back. She makes the best hand made soaps. One he especially likes as it’s the only thing he has found that help a working man’s hands.
I say this every year and not everyone listens. In La Sal you don’t plant your garden until Memorial weekend. If you do, be prepared to protect those tender plants from Ma Nature’s son Jack ‘cause he’ll come tripping through right after she has lulled you into a false sense of security with some warm, balmy days.
The duo was in prime form again this year and made an appearance just a couple of days before Memorial Day. Hope you had you walls of water up and running.
Also in the horticulture realm, every year we hold our breath hoping the apricots do not freeze. Surprisingly, they did not.
Alas, the dynamic duo above came through with gale force (well seemed that way to me) winds and knocked the fruits to the ground. Ugh. The cherries and lilacs did freeze. Wow, Ma and Jack were busy this spring.
Two weeks ago the ladies of La Sal met at the Community Center for a “spa night”. There were foot spa stations, facial products and a manicure spot.
Oh, and lots of yummy food on which to snack. Well, mostly the gals sat around and yakked and painted their nails. It was a fun evening after a long winter and two plus years of pandemic restrictions. And best of all we made a new friend.
A lady who just recently moved to our village wants to get to know folks and be involved in the social scene – such as it is here.
I put my sharp investigative skills to work to ferret out the status of the latest on the librarian for our little closet book lending facility.
Okay, I checked in with the rumor mill. (Did I mention I went to the farmer’s market a few days ago?) Seems someone has been hired who lives south of us and will split their time between La Sal and the Monticello Library.
I’ll have more on that subject for you next time. I was going to check in at the library to get the latest but my excuse is that after a long winter, I had to exercise my twitching thumb. It needed a first of the season ATV ride.
We chose a perfect day (very little wind for a change) and headed to The Mountain. I saw lots of folks headed that way with RVs and ATVs over Memorial weekend which, true to form, were not pleasant days. And, many of the scrub oak leaves froze this year. That happens many years. Those two busy destructos really got around this year.
Local folks were invited to join others in the Monticello and Blanding areas to pray for moisture. There was to be an interfaith meeting at the Community Center Sunday evening to pray. Eight people came, visited and prayed.
Hopefully many more are praying where they are for the desperately needed water. Between the drought and more people moving in and drilling wells, the water table has dropped. Many who formerly had green lawns have let them go dormant or are turning to xeriscaping to compensate. Keep praying.

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