La Sal happenings

We’ll start this week with a big THANK YOU to everyone who turned out Saturday to help with the spring cleaning at the community center.  Enough folks showed up to get a lot of work done – though not all the work! 
It’s that time to spruce the place up for the annual Spring (or maybe Summer) Fling.  If you did not make it out to help, never fear, there is still work to be done.  Despite all the wall scrubbing, it looks like a coat of paint is in order to get the walls of the building back in tip-top shape.  Stay tuned!
The Spring and/or Summer Fling folks are soliciting talent show participants.  If you’ve got a yearning to perform in front of a live audience, there are sign-up sheets at the post office and store.
Get out those ear plugs!  This Saturday is the annual (or maybe it’s semi-annual or whenever the mood strikes us) dynamite shoot at Rattlesnake Ranch. 
Things all get underway about 10 a.m. or so.  Bring your shootin’ piece and a pocket full of funds and come on out and join the fun.  This is a fundraiser for the local volunteer (and largely unsung) fire department.  This is La Sal, so, yes – there will be food!
Graduation season is upon us.  Several folks in La Sal have or will soon be graduation. 
Besides our local Monticello High School seniors, other graduations to report include Tammy Fuller, who after two long, tough years and lots of miles of commuting graduated with her RN degree last Friday.  This has been a long haul and big congratulations are in order for Tammy.  We will continue to wish her good luck as she still must take her state board exam.
Also graduating this week is Jessica Redd, one young lady who is greatly loved by our whole village.  She has set up a “hair” establishment in Sierra La Sal.  Lots of folks have been getting their ears lowered by Miss Jessica. 
So, what do you do now that you’ve graduated?  Well, you head to Disney World with your family, of course.  Bet it is not still cold and blowing and snowing in Orlando!
Kindergarten registration is scheduled for May 11 from 9 to 10 a.m. at La Sal Elementary for all those kiddos who will be starting anew at the school next year.  I’ll be announcing end of the year activities very soon, I’m sure.
Now, forgive me for getting just a little bit personal.  Several times a year I have the great honor of helping out with local Special Olympic events. 
This time of year it is track and field.  I headed north with my daughter, who is a director of Special Olympics Utah, to Green River last Saturday.  Despite all the recent nasty weather, it was a nearly perfect day for an outdoor event last weekend.  Sunny and warm and not windy.  Perfect indeed!
I am so impressed with the special athletes from our area – the San Juan Blue Eagles.  They deserve a big round of applause, as do their coaches, mentors, family and all other supporters.  This is so fun because everyone goes away a winner. 
Special kudos to the local teens who come out and help in so many ways.  As my daughter says, these special folks are a gift from God. 
It was adios apricots last week.  Dang.  They were all out in beautiful bloom all over town.  Usually a harbinger of cold weather. 
We had rain, snow, frost, wind, cold.  I’m just betting it did in all those apricots.  Springtime in the Rockies – gotta love it!

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