A La Sal Fourth of July 

We used to have some big Independence Day festivities in La Sal, but not for the last few years. We even had a time where there was a nighttime fireworks display. That, of course, was pre-drought.

Most folks have other ways of celebrating Independence Day now. For me, it’s going to The Mountain. For others, it’s “the lake” (Powell) or just the backyard with family. 

This year, Ana and Hal Adams hosted a barbeque outside Ana’s La Sal Store on Saturday July 3. Folks brought side dishes to accompany the burgers and dogs furnished by the hosts.

The occasion was twofold: to celebrate our country’s birthday and also Ana’s new U.S. citizenship.

Close to 150 people came to celebrate, visit, and eat. Some weren’t even of our village. They were just passing by and joined in the fun.

Do you think folks are hungry for a good visit now that the pandemic has eased a little?! 

My partner and I were enjoying the cool beauty of The Mountain and missed the food and fun and friends. Surprisingly, the mountain is lush and green, at least for now.

Looking around, you’d be hard-pressed to believe that we are deep in a severe drought – that is, until you see a big two-ton water truck rumbling by taking water to the cattle grazing on the mountain.

It’s unusual to see water hauled to the mountain at any time, but especially this early in the season. Yes, it’s really a severe drought.

Last year there was a lot of water and no feed. This year, there is feed (for now) and no water. 

At the invitation of the Forest Service, the range management consultant with whom I reside and his trusty sidekick went up to Geyser Pass to view the effects of the Pack Creek fire. We only went as far as the spike camp north of Dark Canyon.

Damage there was minimal but those who have cabins nearby were thankful for the efforts of firefighters.

Those at their cabins were evacuated as the fire came over the top and threatened the cabins. Later they were allowed to go into their cabins and check on things but not stay.

In fact, The Mountain had only been open for visitation a week before the holiday. Dark Canyon is currently only available for day use. 

The Mountain was amazingly vacant for a holiday weekend. We were pretty much all alone on the La Sal Pass side. It’s usually abuzz with lots of ATVs, dirt bikes, and jeeps. It’s an unusual year for sure. I am sure the Pack Creek fire had a lot to do with that. 

On a sad note, we are losing our librarian from our little library in a closet. If anyone is interested in a fun part-time job, that position is now being advertised.

La Sal is still without a permanent postmaster, and that job is also being advertised. It includes benefits and is a great career opportunity.

The Senior Citizen Center has been on the hunt for a full-time manager for a couple of years now. This is a County job and includes full benefits.  Looks like there are some job opportunities right here in Sierra La Sal. No commute into town. 

Don’t forget this Saturday is the Community Center clean-up day starting at 10 a.m. We need lots of folks to do scrubbing and cleaning and some outside grounds work.

If anyone has a little cement and some expertise, it would be nice to get the front step repaired. 

The cool spell we’ve been enjoying is edging away and it’s starting to feel as hot as the Fourth of July.

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