La Sal family loses all in early morning fire 

Early Tuesday morning, November 2, a mother and her adult son lost all their worldly possessions as their mobile home caught fire and burned literally to the ground. The home was in the trailer court in La Sal.

It is a great credit to the training and response of the La Sal Volunteer Fire Department that the fire was confined to just this one structure.

Another mobile home sat less than ten feet away from the burning home. It sustained minimal damage, losing a couple of windows and bubbling some paint on the side.

A large propane tank also sat close to the burning home and was protected from the fire by skillful efforts from the fire folks.

Had the fire not been contained, it would have proved disastrous in the crowded trailer park containing a couple of dozen older mobile homes.

Great kudos go out to these folks who train and train and are ready when the need arises. Thanks to all of you!

The San Juan Sheriff’s department investigated the cause of the fire.

The village of La Sal responded immediately to help the displaced family. There were several offers of temporary abodes to see the family through the upcoming winter. Cloths and other necessities were forthcoming almost immediately.

A GoFundMe page has been established, and people are being generous in their donations to the family. The details for this GoFundMe can be found on the La Sal Barter and Trade Facebook page.

The local Red Cross representative has also offered to deploy their services as needed.

October 29 was the night to celebrate La Sal’s favorite holiday – Halloween. Unfortunately, a medical emergency keeps me from giving you a firsthand account of the night’s activities. But here is what I’ve gleaned from folks around and about:

Besides the usual Halloween Carnival, there was a spectacular spook house next door to the school. Some described it as being more nice than spooky. I fear that may be rectified next year. Watch out for really spooky.

The biggest problem of the night was the hoard of folks who came out to participate in the scariness. In truth, some were not local. The line of vehicles for Trunk or Treat stretched almost to the post office. Movers and shakers were overwhelmed by the number of attendees. Wow!

A few parents wanted a traditional Halloween with Trick or Treating. We who are older remember those fun days of knocking on the neighbor’s doors and yelling, “Trick or treat!” I don’t know if this happened or not.

Anyone wanting to participate was to keep their front porch lights lit. The problem in our community is that we aren’t located next door to each other, and you can’t really walk the neighborhood.

As a grouchy oldster, I really like Trunk or Treat (from Maxine the crabby lady).

I was unable to get a concise report on who won the costume and pumpkin carving contests, so I’m sorry not to be able to report that. I know for many parents it’s a highlight to see their child’s name in the newspaper. Hopefully it will be better next year.

I’ll not rely on a witchy cub reporter but put on my scary costume and report in person. My scariest costume is easy. I just come as I look when I first get up in the morning. Sure scares the @#$% out of me each morning when I look in the mirror!

Okay, one holiday down and three to go. I for one, prefer to prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving next. Christmas comes soon enough.

Shouldn’t we give thanks for all our blessings before we rush headlong into Christmas? It used to be a one-day celebration rather than the several months of festivities into which it has morphed.

Thanks for giving and Happy Thanksgiving. It’s only 15 days until Thanksgiving Day.

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