Is it springtime in the Rockies yet?

We’ve had many days recently that feel like spring. Then last week we received some muchneeded and much-prayed-for snow and some frigid temperatures.
This week however, we are slated for the return of springlike weather. By then we should be able to enjoy a wonderful mud event too.
I take comfort in the fact that at least my home is not crushed by a tornado or being washed away down the river (There are no rivers in close proximity to La Sal so I may be safe on that one).
Still we are in a bad multi-year drought. I’ve even heard some say a 1,000-year drought. Wonder how they know that? Tree rings maybe.
I do not remember whether Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow or not, but if winter ended only six weeks after his big day, that would be wonderful. But that is not the case in the Rockies. “When it’s springtime in the Rockies....”
Folks locally are out and about with community activities. Last week was the monthly food bank. People are once again allowed into the Community Center to pick up food items after months of staying in their cars and having volunteers make deliveries to them.
One change this time was that each family representative did not have to sign the roster. Volunteers just took a head count. The reason for this of course is still related to the pandemic – no more sharing of pens which does seem like a good way to spread germs.
Not so with the Senior Citizens Center. Those folks are still “Honky Tonkin’.” Will this never end?!
The sad thing about serving the meals this way is that it is only half of the fun for the seniors participating. They like to congregate and enjoy visiting with each other. For some it is the high point of their week each Wednesday and Friday. Hopefully this too will pass.
The local volunteer fire folks did a switch-up in March. Rather than their usual pancake-and-all-the-trimmings breakfast, two Saturday nights ago they sponsored a spaghetti dinner at the Community Center.
When I dropped by to pick up supper (it was my turn to cook) there was a nice crowd in attendance, eating and visiting.
As with the seniors above, visiting is really more than half the fun. My thoughts are always, you just never know when these wonderful, dedicated fire folks may come to your rescue.
Another event that sometime lapses into visiting and yakking (and munching) with friends is the monthly meeting of the La Sal Literary Guild. The read for March was “Frontier Grit.”
It features short biographical sketches of a dozen different women and their extraordinary lives as the western frontier opened.
It was an easy read, very enlightening even if it did make you feel a little bit inadequate in your contributions to the world in light of their accomplishments.
The group was scheduled to meet a week ago Tuesday, but alas, family priorities and illness kept most folks away, so the evening ended without the group meeting.
The next read should be available at our little library in a closet very soon. Stop by and check it out – I mean that literally.
Local school Spring Break is just around the corner, so expect some bad weather then. “When it’s springtime in the Rockies....” it can do about anything.

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