It’s time to catch up

The last few columns have been special features and I have neglected to report some lesser happenings in our little village. Hopefully today I can rectify that just a little bit. 
School is back in session at La Sal E. as it is all around the area. There are some changes this year to staffing. Ms. Shupe is back as head teacher.
Also back is Ms. Storland managing Special Ed, and I think a few other things, knowing her and her talents.
She is also the Special Ed lead for Navajo Mountain school.  As the crow flies, that’s definitely “distance learning”. Helping her are two competent aides in Navajo Mountain. Of course, there will probably be a time when she’ll have to make the not-as-the-crow-flies trip to that school.   
Assisting these two ladies is one teacher’s aide who is new to La Sal E. this year. Unfortunately, there is no one slinging the hash at the school. There have been no applicants for that position to date.
Hopefully that will change. For now, meals are shuttled in from Monticello daily and they are not hot meals. Pam Del Real is janitor at our village school. I believe she was doing that job part of last year.
Speaking of Pam, she is scheduled to assume the postal clerk position this week at our little Post Office. This has been a position open for several years.  It’s nice to see it filled.  No one feels that more than our Postmaster Erica who commutes from Monticello six days a week.
Pam’s family is hoping to relocate to Sierra La Sal if they can find a suitable place big enough for kids and critters. We are always love welcoming new folks to our town. 
The subdivision in west La Sal seems to be acquiring new abodes monthly. Hopefully these will be bought and inhabited by folks who want to be an active part of our community.
Now, a little belated birthday news.  I’m blessed with several BFFs.  Some are neighbors and some have gone on ahead.
One of my BFFs, Miss Ruthie, celebrated her 78th birthday last month. Some years ago she had an aunt who made it to the century mark. What she wanted for that birthday was 100 teddy bears or similar creatures. 
She was successful in that request. She then donated all the stuffed animals to her local Highway Patrol for use in comforting children caught in situations that no child should have to endure, but some do.
Well, Ruthie just thought that was a great idea so she wanted 78 such stuffed critters for her birthday. I believe she got them or came close to doing so.  But, she is still in the market for more.
I mean, next year she’ll be a year older won’t she? I don’t think she’s holding out until she reaches her hundredth birthday.  She’s looking around now for a worthy recipient organization for her bears, etc.
If you would like to contribute you really can just send it to Ruthie, 84530. Seriously, it’ll get there, I promise. Or just drop it by Ana’s La Sal Store and tell them it’s for Miss Ruthie. That’s the kind of community we are.  You can check out Ruthie and her animals on Facebook if I’m not mistaken.
Well, that’s it for this time. It’s not all the news that’s fit to print, but it’s all I know for now, which isn’t much. Come on RAIN!

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