As if it weren’t cold enough yet

The world, at least our local world, kind of fell into a deep freeze after Christmas. We only had a smattering of snow left on the ground when the big day arrived, but I guess you could still call it a White Christmas.
Shortly thereafter, the snow began to fall in earnest. By then Ma Nature had sent a cold arctic blast – or maybe it was something that followed Santa from the North Pole and just hung around a while.  
Whatever, we had several inches of snow fall and stay. I will admit it was a beautiful winter snowscape. One I especially enjoyed from the warmth of my home looking out the window or from the interior of the car.
All together we garnered 22 total inches of snow and 1.8 inches of water here in the valley. The folks dwelling in Old La Sal reported about three feet of white stuff.  
It was not unusual for them to find they were snowed in and couldn’t leave their yards.  Many do have tractors or other large equipment to help create an escape route.
Temps did rise a little the next week, but still not all the snow left.  
If that was not enough winter for you, for the second time in six weeks, the folks attending services at the Latter-Day-Saint Church found that there was no heat in the building.  
The first time this happened, the first Sunday in December, all meetings were cancelled.  
The enterprising Relief Society ladies who were hosting an “All Ladies of La Sal” Christmas party two days later, set up space heaters in a smaller room and had a very toasty time.  
Last Sunday, the church again had no heat, but an abbreviated meeting was held.  The necessities were covered, all were able to greet their neighbors and friends including those from Old La Sal and then headed to the warm environs of their homes.  
Perhaps a good, old-fashioned pot-bellied stove should be installed at the church.
The decorations from the holidays have been tucked away for another year and winter life goes ahead.  I doubt many have taken down holiday lights in the cold and snow.  
Heck, in our village, some never take them down.  They just turn them off until next year.  Whatever, the holidays are now officially behind us and we can enjoy a slower paced winter.
The kiddos of La Sal Elementary strutted their stuff as they do every year the last evening before school lets out for the holidays.  It is usually not very long and was short and sweet this year for sure.  
And, also as always, just as the program ended, the fire truck arrived, lights blazing and circling, bring the guest of honor to meet all the good little boys and girls.  
Remember I tell you every year that we have no other kind of kids in our community.
The Friday before Christmas the jolly fat elf and the fire folks again were out and about delivering the sub for Santa gifts to area boys and girls. 
As I previously mentioned, La Sal Store is under new management.  No longer is it Ana’s La Sal Store but will now become E’s Store.  
Or maybe it’s Es’ Store as the “E” brothers are the new management.  They are making a lot of changes and have many more ideas.  
For December, the establishment looked like Santa’s emporium.  You could easily do some Christmas shopping there for all who were on your list.
It was a timely transition in store management as the previous proprietor, Hal Adams, has been called to be the new Branch President of the Latter-Day-Saints Church.  
He is the guy with a clean pate and stooped shoulders from the weight of his new duties.  Counselors are Steve Behunin and Brian Ballard.

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