I just don’t like spiders and snakes 

I must admit to being somewhat remiss in my reporting of this next item. It occurred on July 1, so you can see I am a little behind my time.

A fellow from “Scales and Tails” in West Valley City made a sweep through our county visiting several libraries, including our own Library in a Closet in La Sal.

He brought along a few of his non-people pals one of which was a VERY LARGE – as in HUGE – wiggly creature. I suppose it was a boa constrictor, or perhaps a python. Doesn’t matter to me, it was a snake (I wasn’t present for the show).

This very long creature required four sets of hands to properly hold him for display, so Librarian Shannon sucked it up and loaned a hand – actually two hands. She said she was a little out of her comfort zone but braved it nonetheless.

Now me, I would not have just been out of my comfort zone, I would have been out of the building. Heck, I may have been out of the country!

This man also brought an alligator, a giant tortoise, and a smaller tortoise – or maybe it was a turtle. Those I could handle.

Not so the spider he exhibited. He did so by placing it atop the head of Miss Lucy Badger. She isn’t a fan of spiders and snakes either, but she was a good sport.

Sister Lilly, at least according to the photos, didn’t have a problem with handling the tarantula.

Growing up in southern Arizona, tarantulas were a common sight, especially after a summer rain. Some folks liked to keep them as pets in their yard. They are good bug eaters.

Here is a true confession. As per usual, I shall tell you about it by making a short story long.

In the early ’70s, there was a game show on TV called The Newlywed Game where spouses were to try and guess what their other half would say in answer to a question.

One day the question was: If your wife looked under the bed and saw the thing she feared and hated the worst in the world, what would it be?

My spouse immediately replied to the TV, a cockroach. Ding, Ding, Ding! Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Again in southeast Arizona, these prehistoric repulsive bugs were very prevalent. In truth, I’d hold the boa or the tarantula before I’d hold the cockroach (deep shudder). I can’t even look at them in person or on TV they repulse me so.

Well, those in attendance at the library special event really enjoyed seeing and even holding the unusual critters.

Next, it is clean and sparkling and even smells good. That would be our La Sal Community Center after the clean-up day on July 10.

A dozen people showed up for the morning, rolled up their sleeves, and went to work. Folks ranged in age from nine to 90, and that’s not an exaggeration – mostly.

The greatest feat of the day was the cleaning of the kitchen, particularly the fridge, stove top, and under the sink where mice had dwelled at some time.

This quartet – three ladies and a gent – went to work with cleansers, rags, scrubbers, and a lot of elbow grease to get the kitchen the cleanest it’s been since it was built.

Walls were washed, floors mopped, door jams repaired, carpets vacuumed, and a door lock replaced. As people were leaving, they commented that the place even smelled clean.

Thanks to all who came out and lent a hand. Me thinks this should be an annual occurrence.

I believe the next event to be held there will be a celebration of Bobbi (Wilcox) Holt’s 90th birthday coming up in a week or so.

Okay, I fudged a little when I said folks were between the ages of nine and 90. It was actually 10 and 89. If you make it to Bobbi’s celebration, be sure and look at the cleaned stove top – that was her work. Good job by everyone.

I hear that the “This is It” aka Pioneer Day celebration has been postponed for a few weeks until the temperature drops a little – perhaps in August.

Will it be cool in August? Who knows with this crazy weather! It may be in December!

Not to make a lot of folks mad at me, but seriously, I do believe in global warming.

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