I’ve fallen down...

by Maxine Deeter

Naw, not that kind of falling down – not the “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” kind.  Rather, it is the falling down on the job falling.  Seems I failed to go out and witness the “Trunk or Treat” on Halloween, as I should have as a good reporter.

Now, it might have been smoke and mirrors – well smoke anyway – but there were a couple of interesting “trunks”. 

Halloween has long been about the favorite La Sal holiday.  But it is really the favorite of the Kendall Fuller family.  Their trunk happened to actually be the highly spookily decorated back of a pickup, but it was done up in royal style complete with smoke but probably not mirrors. 

Next year, I’ll venture outside to view the trunks!   

I’ve been hanging out with the local Senior Citizens to see what they are up to.  Okay, actually I am one.  Seems they decided to walk around the world.  Well, I guess it just takes one step at a time.  They are all wearing pedometers to measure those steps. 

So far I hear they made it to Alaska somewhere.  Seems like a strange path around the world.  Guess they are headed up over the North Pole on their way around the world.  Maybe they’ll make it there by Christmas – to the North Pole that is.

It seems there has been a few fishy shenanigans concerning these pedometers.  Some folks are performing some interesting tests – not to say they are cheating mind you – by putting the pedometers in the drier.  I’ll have to check on that and see if they work that way adding miles to the measure.

Other folks are just testing the pedometers to see if they are waterproof.  Ah, our local seniors – they are an interesting group.

It has been a beautiful fall week.  Most of the rest of the leaves have fallen and now cover the ground in what is just a perfect fall tableau.  Now, it is on to T-day.

Next week, hopefully, an update on the latest news from the San Juan County Library Board and the La Sal connection!

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