Hollywood, La Sal, and the rest of the story

A couple of folks have asked me if there is filming going on in La Sal. Well, not right in La Sal proper, but up on The Mountain, there is a lot of filming activity underway. Although, I think the advent of winter may have put a little damper on that and delayed production for awhile.
Several folks in our village are involved in the filming activities – some as extras, one as young as four years old, and one as a horse wrangler.
However, our cowboy experienced a sever medical emergency last weekend and had to  be life-flighted to St. Mary’s in Grand Junction. It’s not a ride you really want to take. Trust me I know.
Coming off The Mountain last week we encountered two pioneer wagons being transported east.  Must be going to the filming location was our comment. No, in town we’ve not seen any activity.
In our last column, I told you about an out-of-control maniac driver tearing up the roads and streets of La Sal. He earned himself a comfy back seat ride in a County Mounty vehicle and a stay at the San Juan County gray bar hotel.
A few days later, my spouse heard a vehicle pull into our yard.  He went to investigate and found our race car driver, sans whatever demons had possessed him a few days before.
He came to apologize to my husband for swerving towards him during his out-of-control racing around town. Very admirable. We wish him success in trying to make changes in his life.
In speaking to another local “mature” citizen who witnessed all this, he indicated that he would like to have gotten his hands on this young hooligan.
It’s a good thing he didn’t as our friend notwithstanding being three times older than our driver is also three times bigger. Not only that, he has spent a lifetime doing manual work. Let’s hope things are better in the future.
Don’t forget this Saturday is the celebration of La Sal’s favorite holiday – Halloween. It will be held at the Community Center as usual. The carnival runs from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. with the costume contest at 6.
All ages from babes in arms to “oldsters” will have a costume category. Trunk or Treat will be at 7 p.m. in the parking lot. Admission is by donation. Food will be available for purchase separate from the admission fee.
The most popular booth at the carnival is the cake walk. The coven moms are asking that folks put on their Betty Crocker and contribute goodies for this booth. They were also looking for impartial judges for the costume contest, but I suspect some one has been volunteered for that by now.
I am not a deer hunter.  I’ve confessed before that I can barely swat a fly. I don’t know much about hunting, but it seems that day two of the hunt wasn’t a pleasant one with the onset of winter.
Sunday we woke to snow and it continued to snow most of the morning. Early afternoon found us traveling from home to North Ogden.
The only significant snow we encountered was in La Sal. Guess someone is finally honoring our prayers for moisture.
And a BOO to you. The end.

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