Hello Spring, Can’t you stay awhile?

The first event of the spring – the rummage/bake/craft sale at the community center occurred weekend before last.  
The crowd was a little sparse, unfortunately.  That seems to be the norm for community events of late.  
The purpose of the sale is to raise funds for our local Senior Citizens Center.  There are lots of folks who utilize the center for the twice weekly lunch and for connecting and visiting friends. 
The E’s food truck served up corndogs and fries in conjunction with the sale.  The cost was a donation to be decided by the eater.  
Several people made food runs from the sale site as the food truck had to stay at the store due to licensing logistic requirements.  For another little donation you could also indulge in a yummy chocolate fudge cake. 
Also on site was the local volunteer fire department’s “boot”.  You know how fire boots work, it’s how donations are solicited.  
I noticed the next week that the boot is hanging out a La Sal Store, so when you wander in, put in a little donation. These folks provide an invaluable service to our community. And it’s all volunteer. 
Speaking of our fire folks, several of them came to the LDS Church last week and gave a presentation of fire prevention and left phone numbers to call when reporting a fire or requesting a permit to burn.  
That’s something happening a lot with the onset of spring.  Folks are getting out and cleaning up the debris left from winter.  Smoke plumes can be seen here and there throughout the valley.  Unfortunately, this presentation was very sparsely attended. 
A sign of Spring is the high water coming down from the mountain in the farmer’s ditch. Some minor flooding occurred at the new subdivision on Markle Road.  
To the east and higher in elevation on Pine Ridge/Old La Sal, residents are experiencing more flooding with several basements filling with water.  They had a lot more snow in that area than in La Sal proper.  That snow is just now vacating the area. 
Mark your social calendars now for a definitely red-necked event unique to La Sal.  That is the sometimes annual dynamite shoot at Rattle Snake Ranch west of La Sal.  That will happen in May 20 and can be enjoyed by many whether you attend or not.  
The Kabooming can be heard in most parts of town.  It also rattles those newly spring washed windows. 
If you can, get your hands on the latest Range magazine.  Local writer, Marjorie Haun has written an article about a real cowboy in our village, Alan Hatch.  
He is the real deal and Marj does a great job of telling his story.  At nearly 80 he is still out and riding many days of the week.  
Real cowboys just don’t know how to retire.  There are usually several copies available at the La Sal Library. 
Happy Spring.  Enjoy those warm days.  Ma Nature hasn’t put Jack Frost to bed for the year so expect him to still make an appearance.  
I’ve lived here over 50 years and I’ll tell you that nine times out of ten, if you are lured into planting tomatoes before Memorial Day they better be under walls of water or you’ll be replanting them.
Don’t let Ma Nature fool you.

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