Guardian Angels sometimes have to work overtime

I believe in guardian angels. I’ve had too many experiences in my life to not believe. The verdict is still out on ghosts. I just know there are a lot of things that go bump in the night of which I have no explanation.

Last months, a local La Sal lad had a miraculous experience with his guardian angel. We shall refer to this young man as Dillion.

He was headed to school in Moab on a snowy Monday morning when he needed to use the restroom, so his stepmom pulled over at the Mule Shoe rest stop.

Due to road conditions and traffic, she parked on the west side of the highway and Dillion crossed the road to access the facilities. After completing his task, he headed back across the highway to his vehicle.

A semitruck driving north, spied Dillion and stopped for him to safely cross. However, in the left lane heading north, was a passenger car who did not see the young man, nor did the young man or semi driver see the oncoming car.

He hit Dillion going about 50 miles per hour, which was probably too fast for the existing conditions. He was thrown about 50 feet with the car ending up on top of Dillion.

Several men headed to work that morning were able to lift the vehicle off the lad who was immediately rushed to the Moab Hospital by his stepmom, rather than waiting for an ambulance.

From Moab, Dillion was airlifted to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. He was thoroughly checked out to determine the extent of his injuries.

Amazingly there were no internal injuries. He did sustain a severe cut on one of his legs. After a couple of days, he was allowed to go home and finish his recuperation.

He attended church services the next Sunday, utilizing a mini walker to navigate. He also wore a neck brace for approximately two weeks. He is now back in school and doing well.

From Dillion’s perspective, he was saved by an unseen power. Just over 12 hours earlier Dillion had been baptized into his faith’s church and given the gift of the Holy Ghost.

In his mind, having the Holy Ghost prior to his accident saved him from graver injury or even death. The faith of a child – who can dispute it? Guardian Angel or Holy Ghost, whatever it takes, we are glad Dillion is okay.

The La Sal Literary Guild held its first meeting of the new year last Thursday night. They were able to meet in person while socially distancing and wearing masks. It’s much nicer than doing it via Zoom, though that is better than nothing.

Our read this month was “Unseen Angel.” It is a non-fiction book written by the mother of one of the children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre. It was not always an easy read, but was, in the end, a very uplifting book.

Sandy Hook was the second worst school shooting in U.S. history, after Columbine. This family was originally from Utah – the Ogden area – and the little girl was returned to northern Utah for her final resting place.

I remember driving down Main Street in Ogden and seeing all the pink ribbons honoring this special little girl.

The meeting was attended by eight ladies, young and old, and a good discussion occurred. In the end, it made one believe in guardian angels and that our personal guardian angel is someone we know. It was an uplifting read.

The La Sal Food Bank will be held next on March 10. The number of households served seems to grow each month. Last month, more than 80 families received food boxes. These are packed and then delivered to people’s vehicles.

For the most part, the volunteers at the Food Bank are not youngsters. Their jobs were recently made easier by a donation of two wagons for hauling groceries to vehicles. The donations came from the Moab Rotary Club. They will be much appreciated.

Be sure you stop by the La Sal Post Office and view the latest art exhibit put on by the kiddos at La Sal Elementary. Each month there is a new display. It sure adds to our enjoyment when going to “downtown” La Sal.

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