Gonna get as dry as the Sahara

Folks in La Sal are mostly keep-to-themselves kind of people. They try to let people live as they please without too much interference.

However, there is a plan afoot to develop 114 homesites on the main La Sal Block. Now, that’s a lot of abodes!

As with the rest of the western United States, water is a premium commodity here. La Sal residents have seen their well level drop significantly in the last decade.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the big well that was drilled at the school and community center has dropped from producing 54 gallons per minute to 12. That is why the ball field is no longer watered. In fact, if we lose any more water there, it endangers the existence of the school.

So, it is no surprise that locals are very concerned about over 100 new places sucking water from the aquifers which supply La Sal residents their water.

If you think this is just a pipe dream, drive down Markle Road and see the new subdivision access road which was completed just this last week. It’s a really nice road, all up to county specs.

If you have concerns and feel that you would be affected by the addition of this many new homes in La Sal, there is a petition being circulated to be presented to the County Commission to emphasize the extent of people’s concerns.

For further information, contact Kelly Green or find his informative post on Facebook – La Sal Barter and Trade.

La Sal, like everywhere else in the state, has a mandatory mask policy. This is not arbitrary.

Remember, it’s the business owners who will be fined for not enforcing this policy. This too shall pass, but not right now. So be respectful and just wear a mask.

It makes me wonder if these folks who protest that requiring them to wear a mask infringes on their civil liberties wear their seat belts. What’s the difference?

As for me, seeing how I am in an at-risk population, I appreciate your consideration in not exposing me to any virus germs you may have inadvertently acquired. Thank you.

Our little library in a closet is still open for business – as long as you wear your mask. However, the book club, which is scheduled for this Thursday night, will be done via Zoom.

Seems a lot of things are being done this way of late. I guess you could say it is the new normal.

Speaking of which, every year new words and phrases are added to the dictionary. Do you think new additions this year might include “new normal” and “social distancing?”

For me, as for most folks, the hardest thing has been not being able to visit family.

I miss shopping with my sisters. Amazon Prime just doesn’t cut it when it comes to clothes and shoe shopping. Very unsatisfying.

It’s also difficult to have my hubby buy my girl things. Sometimes we have to do it by cell phone. He just doesn’t know how to find the right moisturizer or mascara. He tries real hard and does okay. But I miss shopping for myself.

One thing I’ve noticed lately, as far as the new normal goes, is that facemasks have become a fashion statement. At first there was a mask shortage, so people started almost immediately making masks at home to fill the gap.

Now we are seeing very individual designs mask-wise. It’s very interesting to see the creativity. I guess it is the new normal for showing one’s personal style. This too shall pass.

In for a penny, in for a pound. Since I may have already upset some folks, I just can’t resist telling this.

I have a new kitty. He is all black and has the prettiest fur. But, he is a whiner. Just whines all the time. And he likes to lay in my chair whenever I’m not in it.

I tell him to get out, it’s my chair not his. He gets huffy when I toss him out. I’ve renamed him Trump!

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