To eat or not to eat, that is the question 

For many years, the community of La Sal has headed to The Mountain for a cook-out to celebrate “This Is It” Day, aka Pioneer Day.

Last year, of course, it was cancelled due to the pandemic.

July 2021 was baking hot, so the festivities were postponed for cooler weather.

Unfortunately, just when we thought the virus was waning and we could relax a little, it has reared its ugly head again.

This time it has spawned a variant, the Delta virus. Not only that, but Delta has produced its own offspring. So, the variant has a variant. Ugh!

Many folks are back to donning masks, social distancing, and waiting anxiously for the line to form for booster shots.

One result is that our annual summer BBQ on The Mountain is not happening this year.

Let’s hope 2022 will be a better year. Didn’t we say that last year!?

Well, the La Sal Volunteer Fire Department did not shy away from a food and fun and friends gathering last Saturday.

They hosted a community fund raising breakfast.

Turn-out was very good. Folks came out to support our volunteer department, to enjoy a full breakfast, and let’s face it, socialize with friends old and new.

Everyone helped to “fill the boots,” placing donations in two fire fighter boots. I hope their haul was a good one.

Usually the dynamite shoot is their big money raiser, but defugalties this year curtailed the collection of sufficient funds.

The fire folk were flipping flap jacks fast and furiously. There was everything you could want for a big satisfying breakfast. It was, in typical La Sal fashion an “if you went home hungry, its your fault...” affair.

Meanwhile, out in the parking lot of the Community Center, the gals were setting up the weekly Farmer’s Market.

If you have not dropped by for this, you are missing out.

Of course, this time of year produce is plentiful in case you did not grow a garden. Offerings also include gourmet soaps, artwork, jewelry, and at times baked goods.

These gals also make the rounds of the other farmer’s markets in the area – Moab and Monticello. Besides, they are just delightful young ladies with whom to visit.

It is refreshing for our village that several young families have settled here over the last few years.

We really needed an infusion of new, young folks. We were fast becoming a retirement village.

There are a few “seniors” who have also landed here of late. They too are most welcome and infusing newness into our town.

Some of the young gals are also very involved at La Sal Elementary, especially as they have children attending school there.

Registered students have increased in number this year. Right now, there are 14 students in the school, five of them in kindergarten.

We hope more young families will take up residence in our village.

Are you looking for employment? Word is out that San Juan Health is hiring for the new clinic under construction in Spanish Valley. This includes all positions from clerical to medical.

Those desiring to become certified as nurse’s aids will be trained and certified.

It’s a great opportunity and closer to La Sal than either Moab or Monticello. These are full time jobs with benefits. Check out the listings of positions at the end of this newspaper.

I believe in global warming/climate change. Proof this week was folks building fires in wood stoves in the middle of August!

The middle of August!!! It’s the flippen middle of summer!!!

I don’t complain when temps reach 90 degrees, but I do complain about autumn cool in the middle of summer.

On the plus side, Ma Nature did bless us with three-fourths of an inch of much needed rain last week. That’s a good thing.

For me to give a complete weather report, I’d have to use the four letter “S” word. I just can’t bring myself to do that in the middle of summer.

No, I did not see it on The Mountain. I refused to look. Besides, the “S” was on the Moab side of The Mountain and was soon gone. It’s the middle of summer.

On a somber note, also on the Moab side of The Mountain, the bodies of two murdered women were discovered last week.

Little information has been forthcoming as the investigation continues into this crime.

No place is really safe anymore. Hopefully the person or persons responsible for this horrible crime will be caught.

Stay safe.

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