Christmas frivolities soon underway in La Sal

by Maxine Deeter

It was a beautiful weekend for doing whatever; great to be out putting up the Christmas decorations, crunching around in the leaves on the grass (I’m waiting for Ma Nature to blow them away) instead of wading in the snow and cold.

My neighbor says he can’t get in the mood to go cut a Christmas tree until it snows. Hope it snows soon (yes, this is me saying that!) ‘cause he’s the one who cuts me a tree, too.

Coming home from work in Monticello each evening – now with the sun already set – there is a beautiful pearly pink glow across the sky and reflecting off the snow on “the mountain”. But, we need more snow (there I go again!). The white cap on the mountain is waning with this warm weather.

The seasonal social whirl is getting into full swing. Just reminders, this Friday night is the Messiah concert at Star Hall in Moab. A couple of La Salites will be in the choir and maybe even in the solo spotlight. Admission is FREE!

Saturday morning about tenish, the La Sal LDS Relief Society will host a Christmas get-together with a new twist this year. You will recall they are doing a humanitarian project. which is certainly in keeping with the season.

A light luncheon will be served and every lady within the sound of my voice and beyond is invited to attend. Bring along your family’s favorite holiday treat to share. Invitations seem to be everywhere, so no excuse – every lady around is invited.

Coming up December 18 is the cutest kids around Christmas program at La Sal Elementary. Look for posters with the time. I’ll try and snoop that out by next week.

Speaking of the school, the gamboozy hit there last week and the kids and faculty were dropping like flies! This was a quick acting, quick to move on its way stomach crude. Only a handful of kids remained by the end of Friday. They had their early out day and headed home just in time for their teacher to fall ill. Of course the kiddos took it home to share with other family members. Grandmas have been tossing down vitamins and avoiding anyone with germs! ‘Tis that season as well.

Okay, I finally got my hands on a Senior Citizen calendar – and it is a full one. Some items are intriguing but may need a little explanation. I’ll work on it. This weeks agenda includes Tawana’s parlor today. Jolly Green Dr. Blen will be in town today. This Friday is Yvonne’s clinic. Yep, I need to find what these are.

Next Monday the van heads to Moab for shopping and medical visits. December 17 it looks like a big Christmas party in Blanding at 10 a.m. I’m thinking this is a County-wide Seniors event. Like I say, I’ll find out more for next week, hopefully. Dr. Blen will NOT be in town that day by the way.

Don’t look now, but you better be getting your Christmas shopping done – the day is coming on fast. While you are at it, leave a generous donation at La Sal Store for the local Toys for Tots. Every kid in the area deserves a good Christmas. Ho, ho, ho!

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