Christmas decorations resurrected 

Several decades ago – as in probably 40 years – La Salian Bill Tatton and his Moabite son created life-sized Nativity figures. Bill and his wife Belle displayed them in front of their house using spotlights to illuminate the scene.

Bill and Belle themselves have been gone from this sphere for decades. The figures were stored away and I guess sort of forgotten. 

The Nativity figures are again on display this season. They can be seen in the front yard of Tom and Margaret Garcia.

Tom and Bill cowboyed together for Redd Ranches for years. The figures had been stored with their daughter, so take the time to go by Tom and Margaret’s and see the display. 

There are not a lot of light displays this year in our village for some reason. Perhaps it’s the weird year that 2020 has been.

The brightest and best displays were always the one Victor Lovato put together. Unfortunately, we lost Vic early this year, just prior to the onset of the pandemic. He was a life-long resident and is greatly missed as are his yard decorations and lights. 

In another unfortunate turn of events, the derecho wind that hit the western U.S. this year literally shook the foundation of the Lovato’s home. In fact, it knocked it right off its moorings.

Recently, local folks came together to help move Erla Lovato and daughter Tammi out of their home so it could be removed. They have now moved to Moab, though the home is still being dismantled.

Goodbye to long time La Salians. We wish them luck. 

Not only are the lights mostly missing this year but, of course, Christmas parties and programs have been forgone. Even family gatherings are being missed if folks are wise. It will be a quiet little holiday for most folks. 

To make the season a little brighter, someone in our town donated 50 nice hams to the community. Jolly little elves – and some not so little – spent the weekend delivering the hams to folks around the town.

They also delivered pie and ice cream along with the hams to help make the season bright for many townsfolk.  

Other random acts of holiday kindness have been dispensed throughout the village. One family with several small children has been the recipient of the 12 days of Christmas with a new surprise each night.

Holiday elves have also been seen carrying the traditional goodies to friends. At least that is one thing that has not changed this year. 

Sierra La Sal wishes all a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday or whatever you celebrate this time of year. Let’s hope for a better 2021.

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