Celebrate good times – Come on!

Of course, last week was one of the year’s biggest holidays – the Fourth of July. Lots of folks in our area head to The Mountain for a few days. 
For the past several years, Ana and Hal Adams have hosted a traditional cookout with burgers and dogs on the west side of the La Sal Store where they were the proprietors.
The Store is now under different management, so this year the cookout was held in their back yard.It included  burgers, dogs, home-brewed root beer, watermelon, and all the trimmings.  
Lots of folks brought along side dishes to share. It was a good turnout, not only for eating, but a lot of visiting with friends old and new. If you went home hungry...
Not only is it Independence Day for the USA, but Ana’s birthday also falls right then. Additionally, three years ago at this time she received her US citizenship, so she loves to have friends come and help celebrate with her.
Speaking of burgers and dogs, on Saturday, July 15 at 6 p.m. the local Volunteer Fire Folks will host a potluck at the Community Center. There is more than hospitality to this gathering.
There is an effort to update local addresses for 911 service. This is helpful not only to the fire department, but also to law enforcement. So come on out and help the cause.
The very active local teen club had a fun adventure last week on a river rafting day trip. Oh, they had a ball. Got pretty wet and all came home safe and sound. It doesn’t hurt that their fearless leader works for a local outdoor adventure company. What fun.
Also on the teen scene, the kiddos are hosting a community potluck fundraiser on July 20. This will include a dessert auction after the meal to raise funds for some of their activities.  
The kids have been participating in a variety of adventures, some practical and some just fun. If you get a few of them together, a football game is just likely to break out. That’s exactly what happened at the Fourth of July get-together.
In Utah we celebrate two historic events, not just one. We also celebrate Pioneer Day on the 24th of July. La Sal always holds the community Pioneer Day celebration on a day other than the 24th so folks can go elsewhere on the actual day or the day picked for the annual celebration.
This year, Pioneer Day falls on the 29th for Sierra La Sal. There will be the traditional cookout on The Mountain and in the usual place (the snowmobile parking lot on Dark Canyon Road).
Meat and Dutch oven taters will be furnished that night. Sometimes homemade root beer makes an appearance as well. Everyone is asked to bring a potluck side dish to share.  
It’s not a bad idea to bring a comfortable chair and a jacket for the evening. There will be tables and chairs set up too. It’s always a fun evening of visiting and eating and making new friends.
Every year special awards are presented to local citizens, including citizen of the year. If you get to Dark Canyon Lake or even the corrals, you’ve gone too far. Don’t be late. Okay, lots of folks show up on La Sal Standard Time.
Another recent celebration that recently happened was the 80th birthday of Alan Hatch. As I recently mentioned, he is a true cowboy, as are several others in our community.
These guys have spent their days on horseback behind a herd of cattle sucking up dust and branding smoke. Many of Alan’s family traveled to celebrate his big day. Friends also stopped by to wish him a Happy Birthday and many more.
Yep, it’s a busy month. Happy summer!

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