Blessings coming down and dirty-dog outlaws 

In the 1930s there was a hit song: “Pennies from Heaven.”

It would be nice to have little copper coins raining down upon us even though a penny isn’t worth what it used to be.

No, really. We’d rather have the wet stuff coming down.

That’s just what we got a couple of weeks ago, though not in the amounts predicted which was heavy rainfall and flash flooding. Thank goodness too; look what happened to Hanksville.

The folks in Old La Sal did lose power for ten to 12 hours. It’s an inconvenience, but we country folk are prepared for such small problems.

No one is really sure if it was the storm that knocked out power or if it was caused by some utility work being done there.

Another recent windfall for our village was the addition of two new desktop computers donated to the community by Emery Telcom.

These are ensconced on the stage at the Community Center and are available for use by the public during library hours (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays). Thanks folks.

Unfortunately, not all news is good news. One of the dearest and most beloved by all residents of La Sal was recently life-flighted to Salt Lake City (Check out her family’s Facebook postings for further details).

Alas, there were no beds to be had in SLC, and she was shipped to Provo where there was an open bed. She is now recuperating in Moab – much closer to home. More on this further down in the column.

Someone was just mentioning the other day about the “outlaws” among us in our village. It is a sad truth.

I don’t know if the perpetrators of this next item are the local or passing through kind of outlaws. I hate to think this kind of dastardly, dirty-dog bad guys live among us.

If you recall, a few months ago I reported the theft (and subsequent recovery) of an older side-by-side ATV which had been modified for a gentleman with need of special physical accommodations.

He is the son of the above-mentioned life-flight lady.

Now, his little sis discovers that while she and her hubby were attending to her mother, some dirty-dog outlaws broke into their camp trailer on The Mountain and took EVERYTHING.

Let me state that again – they took EVERYTHING: camp chairs, dishes, pots and pans – you name it. If it wasn’t tied down by strong welding links, they took it.

Shame, shame, shame. I hope whatever drugs you bought with your plunder leave you “toes up!”

Patooey! That’s the sound of me spitting blood. It’s because I’ve been biting my tongue for too long about certain subjects.

As you recall, I divorced myself from Facebook a few months ago for just that reason. Sorry, I’m dragging out my soapbox and I’m going to hack off a few folks. I’ve been quiet too long.

Referring back to an above item – the life flight to SLC and there being no available beds – Why are there no beds? Because they are full of COVID patients!!!

Why? Because folks would rather suffer, die, and take up valuable bed space than have their “freedom” curtailed by getting a preventative shot.

Well, you can guard your freedom all the way to the pearly gates, I guess.

Perhaps modern medicine goofed up by eradicating polio and smallpox. Sure would rather have either of those than to think I’m being forced into something against my will.

“Well, hello there St. Peter. Glad to meet you.”

As for me and my house, we are going to follow the strong advice of world religious leaders, be they Pope or Prophet.

I’m getting in line to get my booster shot for COVID as soon as it is available.

Patooey! Now you know why I’m happily divorced from Facebook! Go ahead, send in your letters to the editor in rebuttal.

Maybe it’ll kick off the dude who has recently taken up ownership of the letters to the editor section of this newspaper.

Bring it on, but don’t be taking up hospital bed space for something so easily prevented. ’Nuff said!

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