All kinds of events and non-events

‘Tis the season for holiday events, however in our village there are some non-holiday happenings as well.  And some events that did not happen.
For a couple of weeks, the folks who attend worship services at the Latter-Day-Saint church have noticed a smell of propane.  For those of us who live in our outlying area, we know this is usually a sign that the propane tank is about empty.  Not so.  
It was more serious than that.  The furnace had quit working.  In a rare occurrence, service were cancelled at the church on December 4.  The last time meetings were cancelled it was due to 18 inches of snow that surprising fell overnight a couple of years ago.  
Fortunately, the next Sunday the heating system had been repaired to the point that services could be held.  But only one half of the building was heated.  The kid’s end was still without warmth.
No heat did not deter the ladies of La Sal two nights later as they met for the All Ladies of La Sal Christmas party.  Three or four space heaters in a smaller room provide a comfortable setting for the event.   
Though it was sparsely attended, the gals that did come had a fun evening.  Food, fun and friends – the usual recipe for a La Sal get-together.  Lots of food!  Ladies were begging others to take home leftovers.  
The main event of the evening was a white elephant gift exchange only without gag gifts.  Everyone brought an inexpensive gift that was to represent the true meaning of Christmas.   It was a fun evening.
A similar semi-emergency arose when the propane tank that furnishes heat to the post office ran out.  A call went out from the assistant postmaster to borrow a couple of space heaters until the situation could be rectified.  That happened soon enough.
Mark your calendars now for December 21 for the community Christmas dinner at the community center.  The main dish will be furnished and all sides will be potluck.  
It is scheduled to start at 6:30 La Sal Standard time.  Better be there by 7 if you want first dibs on the vittles.  It is a ya’ll come festivity, so round up a few friends and come on out.
Wednesday was the monthly food bank.  Prior to the public’s arrival, the volunteers had a little holiday celebration.  Yes, there was food (I’m sure) and again, the white elephant game.  This one probably did include gag gifts.  
An added surprise was the gift of prime, A1 bacon for each volunteer/family which might have been given by an anonymous volunteer who may or may not be a celloist.  Crazy lady.
There are some non-holiday activities happening in our little village too.  On Wednesday nights, the guys are getting together at the community center to play basketball.  
Years ago there was a weekly basketball night, but a few of the gals participated as well.  I’ve known a lot of ladies who were really good at basketball.  
So, I’m thinking that if you want to participate no matter your gender, it’s probably okay.
Another activity scheduled regularly is a “Teen Night”.  This will be held every week on Saturday night at the community center.  Last week they were scheduled to decorate Christmas ornaments.
Also last Saturday was the second annual holiday Craft Fair at the community center.  There were nearly a dozen vendor booths with all kinds of offerings.  Good place to do some Christmas shopping.  
It as also a good place to get some tasty grub.  Once again a local family sold Navajo tacos. Yum.  I had to buy one and eat it just so I could report to you accurately.  It was yummy!  
See, I go all out to provide you with a first-hand account of important items.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
Coming up is the annual La Sal Elementary School Christmas party.  Not sure of the date and time, but keep your eyes on La Sal Barter and Trade on Facebook for details. 
The countdown until the big day is getting short.  Hope you are getting near to having your Christmas to do list pared down.

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