A celebration not to be missed 

It’s that time of year – the end of the school year. Our little one room school was not to be outdone on end of the year celebrations.

On May 26, parents and friends gathered to watch the students strut their stuff, show off some of what they have done and learned this year, and say a big thanks to all those who make this possible. 

Our little school may have only seven students this year, but these children are receiving a quality education despite some advantages that bigger schools have.

That is thanks to not just their teacher Ms. Shupe, but also the aides and parents who step up and enrich these children’s education. 

Wednesday night these kids were spit and polished to the hilt. The boys were all dressed in white shirts, red bow ties and suspenders. And let me tell you, they looked sharp!

The lone female student was not to be outdone by these dudes. She was clad in a red dress and her hair was beautifully done. 

The theme of the evening, at least as proclaimed by the poster on the podium, was “Throw Kindness Around Like It Is Confetti.” That is quite a good mantra to which to abide. 

Teacher Ms. Shupe conducted the evening which consisted of readings of personal writings, songs, musical renditions and artwork.

Especially enjoyable were the musical numbers. The children had mostly opted for that old time rock and roll. Music was played on harps and percussion provided by sticks. These kiddos also have a bell choir.  

The artwork produced by the La Sal Elementary students has been on display at the local post office over the last few months. It changes monthly.

A fun display of little lambs can also be seen in the window of Ana’s La Sal Store. You see, Ms. Ana and her hubby Hal purchased a flock of sheep earlier this year, so the kids made little lambs to display at the store. I noticed these lambs all have names. 

A big emphasis was placed on creative writing this year. Aide and Special Ed teacher Margorie Haun-Storland lead these instructions. The kids, even those in kindergarten, read their writings for all to hear. They had studied all aspects of writing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. It was very impressive. 

As far as awards, each of these students garnered a bundle of them. Every student passed their math facts for grade level. Some even passed math facts above their grade.  

The students did not lack for off-campus excitement either. Several field trips throughout the year made for fun and learning at the same time. High points were a visit to Dead Horse Point and also the Dinosaur Museum. 

I shouldn’t tell you this, as students at other schools will be jealous, but according to La Sal children, their cooks are the best in the world. They are Ms. Joanie and Ms. Wendy. In fact, Ms. Wendy was employee of the year. 

Big thanks went to the supporting staff that helped make all of these activities possible. And we can’t forget the parents who step up and teach as well. The evening concluded with a slide show displaying all the fun and activities of the past school year. 

Three students “graduated” from La Sal Elementary and will go on to third grade at Monticello Elementary. Their instructors are sad to see them go as in a small setting like ours, they get very close to the kids.  

Now it is time for the children to have a little break this summer. Good luck in the coming year. 

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