Monticello Council swears in new members

Three City Council members were sworn in during the first Monticello City Council meeting of the year on January 14. Ronald Skinner, Kim Henderson, and Nathan Chamberlain swore to support, obey, and defend the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Utah, and to discharge the duties of the office with fidelity. 

Skinner and Henderson were elected for their first term in November 2019, while Chamberlain is a returning councilmember.

The council also unanimously approved the reappointment of Doug Wright and Cindi Holyoak as city treasurer and city recorder, respectively. The reappointment of treasurer and recorder is required after an election year. 

Henderson, in her first council meeting, made a motion to hold two city council meetings per month. While it died for a lack of a second, there was discussion on holding an additional work meeting on the fourth Tuesday of each month. 

Two citizens in attendance spoke in favor of Henderson’s motion. One said, “It’s frustrating when there’s only one opportunity a month to find out what’s going on and give public comment.” 

The council decided to adopt the scheduled monthly meetings, with an additional work meeting planned for the fourth Tuesday of each month. 

The council approved an Airport Capital Improvement Plan but tabled action on the Airport Master Plan. The council also appointed Ron Skinner to oversee the Monticello Airport Committee and appointed Scott Burgess to the Planning Commission. 

February 12, 2020 is formally proclaimed as a Day of Hope. Representatives from the Monticello High School Hope Squad asked the council for the designation “to empower those struggling with mental health issues and recognize the importance of hope when struggling with mental health issues.” 

The stated goal of the group is to change the way residents of the community think about mental health and suicide prevention for generations to come.

The Council also heard a season end report from Hideout Golf Pro Tyler Ivins. The golf course is projected to bring in the highest amount to date for the fiscal year July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. 

The golf course has already brought in $23,000 more than at this point last year. 

July was a particularly good month, with $82,000 in revenue. The previous highest amount of revenue collected was approximately $70,000. 

Ivins said visitors to the golf course typically come from Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, and the Four Corners area. Many come from Grand Junction on a combination discount pass. 

Ivins said, “Nobody ever comes to our golf course just once. If they come once, they’ll come again.”

The council also asked about the marketing plan for the golf course. With its small budget, the golf course advertises on the radio, in the San Juan Record, with the Utah Golf Association, and gives out other incentives to local businesses to encourage visitors to enjoy the golf course. Plans to increase social media presence were also discussed. 

Volunteer Recognition Certificates were awarded to Danielle Mitchell, Hannah Plemons, and Carol Van Steeter. The volunteers were recognized by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor’s Office and The Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism. 

A list of maintenance issues at the Monticello City Welcome Center were discussed by Ellen Cantrell, an employee at the Welcome Center. Her chief concern is the lack of phone and internet, which she says becomes problematic when the wind blows. 

The issue has been a problem for the past two years. Mayor Tim Young said ongoing issues with the telephone and internet system are unacceptable.

There are also leaks, plumbing, and painting issues at the welcome center that are of concern. Cantrell said the reason she made public comment is because she doesn’t feel the issues are being addressed when forwarded to the city through traditional channels.

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