Deep roots for new insurance agent

Shanna Black is a new insurance agent at Farm Bureau Financial Services. She has worked alongside Wyatt Holyoak since July after earning her insurance license. 

Many may know Black from her recent position at Monticello Elementary School. In fact, Black was recognized this year as a top employee for the San Juan School District. 

Though she loved the energy and constant flow of students and parents at MES – she eagerly embraces the challenges of her new role as an agent. 

In her first months with Farm Bureau, Black is impressed by the company’s role in protecting agricultural jobs and rural way of life. She says, “The more I learn about Farm Bureau, the more impressed I am.  

“Being a member is more than receiving discounts, though those are nice, but I love that it protects the way of life that I believe in.”

She explains, “I grew up in an agricultural family and saw first hand how seeds planted in the ground grow to produce life-sustaining products in the store.

“I often wonder what my one voice can do to ensure this continues for future generations, but my one voice with the thousands of other members of Farm Bureau helps to protect the 80,000 agricultural jobs just in Utah.”

Black is referring to the Farm Bureau efforts to make sure new or revised taxes do not negatively affect rural communities.

Farm Bureau also pledged $500,000 to the Bears Ears issue.  “Not only does Farm Bureau fight battles we can’t take on ourselves, they also provide protection for our future,” said Black. 

Black can help protect against risks through insurance for home, auto, life, annuities, group health, longevity, disability, umbrellas, farm/ranch, commercial, and workman’s compensation. 

“I love educating clients where their risks lie and helping provide a solution for protecting what they value.”

Black grew up in Monticello and is the youngest of Ty and Linda Lewis’s six children. 

She received a bachelor’s degree from Southern Utah University and married Clayton Black of Blanding. They moved to Monticello seven years ago and love their time here. 

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