San Juan County students participate in regional History Day Fair

Nearly 120 students from across the San Juan School District participated in the annual regional History Day Fair, which was held on February 25 at the Utah State University Blanding campus.
“Breaking Barriers” was the theme of the contest this year.
There were 80 projects in total, with 27 projects in the junior division and 53 in the senior division.
Winners advance to the State History Day on April 17, with state winners advancing to the national event in Washington D.C.
Winners in the junior high division from Albert R Lyman Middle School include Kinsey Bake for Breaking the Barriers of Life; Cooper Yoakam for Edward Jenner and the Smallpox Vaccine; Trace Bennett for The Tuskegee Airman; and Taygen Meyers, Marley Wallis, and Presley Workman for The All American Girls Professional Baseball League.
Winners in the junior high division from Monticello High School include Keira Kirby for Apollo 11; Lidia Chamberlain for the Marriage of John Rolfe and Pocahontas; Kenlee Atwood and Zac Thayn for the Transcontinental Railroad; Shannon Morrison for Eleanor of Aquitaine; and Sadie Adair, Laille Dilts, and Madi Snyder for Alice Paul.
In the senior division, winners from San Juan High School include Sylver Hart for Belva A. Lockwood, Landon Burke for Racial Segregation, Caroline and Melody Crippen for Virginia Hall and the Mauzac Prison Escape, Quiana Dishface and Heyleigh Warren for Breaking the Language Barrier, Christian Palmer for The Space Race of the 1950s, and Kalea Chamberlain and Lydia Pugh for The Life of Mary Jackson.
Senior division winners from Monticello High School in group categories include Jalen Bradford and Olive English for Breaking Barriers in History; Kennedy Brewer and Bella Chavira for Berlin Wall; Cami Lewis and Emilee Robinson for A Piece of Heaven in Hell; and Saydee Adams, Whitney Knudsen, and Elli Nielson for Louis Vitton.
Senior division winners from Monticello High School in individual categories include Paul Reay for Henry Bessemer, Joe Boyle for Our Man in Damascus, Garrett Henderson for Jazzing Up the Music Industry, Collin Harrod for Jonas Salk, Aimee Crowley for Insulin: The Wonder Drug, Brielle Rice for the Tuskegee Airmen, Cory Bunker for the Miracle Mile, Cedar English for Alexander Fleming, Brevin Olson for Cathay Williams, and Tuff Adair for The Unsung Hero of American Football.
Earning honorable mention are Peaches Ramsay, Mason Atwood, Olivia Chamberlain, Viola Pratchen, William Bayles, Jaden Lacy, and BrinLi Bowring.
Teachers include Jana Rogers at San Juan High, Shane Musselman at Albert R. Lyman Middle, Steven Dyer at Monument Valley High, and Josh Keyes and Lynda Boyle at Monticello High School.

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