New trees in Monticello

Cool shade, rustling leaves, and colorful fruits; they all come included in the design of a tree. And in this design one can find hope for life. It was on Saturday, April 30 that new life was planted in Monticello at the Mill Site South of town. Nearly 200 trees were planted that day in Monticello, including 85 trees at the mill site
The Monticello Rotary Club headed the project to create a peaceful city park for local residents to walk, jog, and relax.
“A city involves everyone who lives there,” says Dianne Nielson, a project coordinator. “When a city park is created, it is made to benefit everyone.”
With the combined efforts of the Rotary Club, Monticello City, VMTE, Monticello Beautification Committee, and others, the Mill Site Tree Planting Project succeeded in livening up an empty space. Seventeen varieties of trees now mark the site in an assortment of ashes, aspens, and autumn blaze maples.
Many of the trees were bought with donations from interested citizens, and each one has been fitted with a drip watering system. Including donations, a combined sum of $14,000 was raised for the project.
Tree purchases for the site came from all around, even as far as Austin, Texas where San Juan Record reader Sally Planalp donated after reading the paper and deciding that the money served a great cause.
Planting the trees saw a coming together of local organizations and community members. About 100 volunteers arrived with gloves and shovels to help create something special.
Thanks to Aaron Andrews, who did the landscaping for the park, and Noelle Livingston at Linden Nursery, who provided discounts for the trees. The community members that donated and volunteered talents and time also deserve praise. Nielson said, “Even though the Rotary Club was in charge of this project, it was the entire community who made it happen.”

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