New Equipment at CEU-SJC

The installation of a new high-tech medical analyzer at CEU-San Juan Campus is part of a planned medical technology program at the College that will expand the school’s offerings in health careers training. The new $18,000 instrument, called a Beckman/Coulter hematology analyzer, was recently purchased through funding from the Community-Based Job Training Grant.

Virgil Caldwell, CBJT project director, says the new instrument is the first of several different types currently being installed in the new Health Science Library Building to support several allied health career programs offered at the College. This instrument has the capacity to measure red blood cells and differentiate types of white blood cells. It can also analyze major blood cell indices like hemoglobin, hematocrit and other diagnostics.” A new clinical chemistry analyzer is the next instrument scheduled for installation.

Caldwell says the new instruments will allow students to develop critical technical skills needed in the medical laboratory profession on local, regional, and national levels.

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