New city manager for Monticello

Myron Lee was appointed Monticello City Manager at the March 12 meeting of the Monticello City Council. Lee will begin work on April 1.

Lee has spent seven years working as the Utah Department of Transportation Public Involvement Manager in Richfield. Prior to that, he worked seven years for Tooele County and five years as a reporter for the Tooele Transcript.

A Tooele native, Lee recently completed a masters degree in public administration. His family will join him at the end of the school year.

Mayor Doug Allen, who has served as city manger since mid-December, said, “No one is happier than I am.’”

With the hiring of a new city manager, the City will now turn attention to hiring an employee at the visitor center, an assistant city manger, and manager of the golf pro club.

City recreation director Eddie Allred reports that the city swimming pool, which is more than 50 years old, is nearing the end of its useful life.

“We have a desperate need to replace the pool,” said Allred. “But we can get by at least another year.”

The pool was built in 1957 for $41,150 after a community-wide fundraising effort. Allred said the life of the pool was estimated to be 25-30 years.

“The rusting, corrosion and deteriorization at the pool is major” said Allred, who said building inspectors checked the pool and found it sound.

Overhead lights are in need of repair and a new chlorination system is needed.

New regulations require that pools have two drains by July, 2009. Allred explained that existed pools will not be grandfathered. In addition, Allred added that the pool does not meet ADA requirements.

Allred reported that 2007 projects included a new playground at Veterans Memorial Park, depth markers at the pool and many projects at the ball fields. A large number of the ball field projects were by Eagle Scout candidates. Allred said a new field groomer is “the best piece of equipment we have bought in a long time.”

In 2008, the City plans to buy new bleachers for the west field and begin a total overhaul of the south field, including a water line, dugouts, backstop fencing lights, scoreboard and bleachers. It may take several years to complete the task.

Allred listed equipment needs, including a trencher, a new lawn mower, and repairs to the recreation truck.

The parent fund, which grows with concession sales, and sign and team sponsors, now has a balance of $10,700.

Allred reports some changes may need to be made to the Blue Mountain to Canyonlands Triathlon because UDOT doesn’t want bicyclists on Highway 191 between Monticello and Church Rock.

Myron Lee, wearing his soon-to-be-retired UDOT hat, said UDOT feels too many cyclists on a highway with narrow shoulders and heavy truck traffic is a safety issue.

Allred reports that the city is looking at alternative routes, including going south on Highway 191, or clearing the Harts Draw road.

The popular race is the only triathlon that includes cross country skiing, where athletes can ski where it is cold, bike where it is cool and run where it is warm.

In other matters, the council discussed road corridors on 300 E. from Center St. to 500 N. and 400 S. from 200 W. to North Creek Lane. The city will survey the areas to establish road corridors so land owners can proceed with development of the land.

The city approved a $1.614 million contract with Falcon Contracting Inc of Hildale, Utah for major utility and infrastructure work under the state highways in town. Price estimate for the project was $1.8 million, and bids ranged from $1.6 to $4.7 million.

The Community Impact Board recently approved a $1.79 million funding package for the project. UDOT will rebuild Highway 491 completely this summer, including the intersection with Hwy 191.

Work on Main Street was scheduled for an overlay this year in order to buy three or four years until a complete rebuild. Mayor Allen said that with road deteriorization this winter, UDOT may consider something different.

“I don’t know if we can get 3-4 years more out of it, even with an overlay,” said Allen.

The council decided against buying a table for eight at the George Wythe Spring Gala on May 16. The cost is $4,500.

George Wythe CEO Shanon Brooks reports that the theme of the gala is the transition to the Monticello campus and said it would be very important to have representation from Monticello.

“To have you there again will make a powerful statement,” said Brooks. “We are bringing in families, buying homes, and will have a long term impact for the city.”

Councilman Jeremy Hoggard said that if it is an annual event, it needs to be put in the city budget. The Chamber of Commerce will ask members if they want to participate. Allen said, “We will do our best to fill a table.”

The Council increased the daily meal stipend from $20 to $35, adjusted the pay scale for temporary workers, and approved free week-day golf for city employees who work more than 30 hours a week.

The Council also approved the trade-in of 13 used golf carts and purchase by lease agreement of 20 new golf carts at a total cost of $75,760. The five year lease will cost the city $14,000. Golf cart rentals in 2007 generated $78,000. The purchases will provide the course with nearly 50 carts, enough to meet the demand.

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