Musical at Whitehorse High

The first ever musical was performed by Whitehorse High School students thanks to the wonderful work of drama teacher Linda Whitehead. Her willingness to open doors for the students moved the drama program and its students to a whole new level. More students performed than anyone could recall.
The students preformed “Katastrophe Kate” a musical by Stephen Murray. The cast includes Sabrina Nelson, Keevin Bellison, Kelly Whitehair, Jami Harvey, Sam Capitan, Quaton James, Kat Benally, Sarah McCarl, Jaz Jemmott, Tilton Dennison, Latifa Oliver, Brandon Palmer, Kathy Edaakie, Tyler Jones, Jan McCarl, Monae Primeaux, Nizhoni Spencer, Kayla Atcitty, Kadesha Holly, Ty Charley, Tsoii Hascon, Edgar Haskan, Edwin Juan, Tityona Charley, Terrill Benally, Alyssa Stash, Jonathan McCarl and Marty Sanchez.
The performance wouldn’t have been a success without the help of volunteers, including Paul McCarl, Robert Hall, Carol Reynolds, Kim Schaefer and Mr. Singer.

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