Monticello names Citizen of the Year

Michelle Sonderegger is the Monticello Citizen of the Year for 2020 for her years of service to the community.

Sonderegger was nominated for the award from two separate nominations. One nomination was by Carol Van Steeter and Scott Mitchell, while Linda Lewis and Ellen Kirby submitted the other.

All area residents have the chance to submit nominations to the city council. They are voted by the city council, a process which has happened since 1996.

The recognition, made by the City of Monticello, normally is made at the annual Monticello High School Holiday Concert, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic safety guidelines, the event did not occur.

Monticello City officials, including Mayor Tim Young, were planning to present Sonderegger a plaque in recognition of the award.

The Van Steeter and Mitchell nomination states, “There is a woman whose contributions to Monticello are vast. She is a business owner, Emergency Medical Technician, mother, grandmother, mentor, volunteer extraordinaire, and dear friend to many.

“Michelle Sonderegger gives 200 percent every day. In town and on our highways, she has helped people, often in their greatest time of need, for 25+ years as an EMT on the ambulance.

“Michelle has taught hundreds of children First Aid for decades. She is one to jump on any opportunity to teach young people, including giving tours of the ambulance to them while explaining the many faucets of the job.

“She has been and is still a mentor to many. She is really quite something. Many of us don’t understand how one woman can do so much in a single day. She is truly the epitome of the phrase ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person’.

“Her work ethic is spirited. Her integrity strong. A compassionate soul, yet solid as a rock. A woman of grit and grace, with a huge, huge heart, that is Michelle Sonderegger.”

The Lewis and Kirby nomination states, “For the past several decades, we’ve watched people in our community serve without any thought of recompense or recognition.

“One of those people who stands out is Michelle Sonderegger. For over the past 26 years, she has served tirelessly as an EMT with our local ambulance crew.

“There’s just more to the job than showing up at an accident, there’s the ongoing training that requires a lot of time and commitment.

“Michelle has put in both. Anytime there’s a community clean up or someone that needs help, Michelle is one of the first one’s there.

“She does it willingly and usually with a laugh and great sense of humor to keep those around her enthused about the job.

Mayor Young said he is happy to recognize the work of Sonderegger. Young echoed the nomination letters that said that Michelle is a mentor to many.

Young said, “Michelle is known as a practical joker and is as likely to save a life as she is to steal all the cookies from the pharmacy.”

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