Monticello sets reconnect penalty, requires utility deposit

Monticello City officials have established a new late fee and utility deposit schedule to encourage area residents to pay their utility fees on time, and to reduce the heavy past-due balance carried on the City’s books.

A utility re-connection fee was raised from $15 to $25 and is applicable to utility customers who receive disconnect notices due to delinquent-payment. Also as of February 1, 2009, all new customers will be required to pay a $150 deposit to establish water, sewer, garbage and secondary water services with the City.

Current customers in good standing are exempt from the new fees. And once a new customer’s account remains in good standing for 12 months, the $150 deposit will be fully refunded.

The new fee structure was adopted to slow the City’s growing balance of past-due utility payments.

“Our past-due accounts total just over $13,000,” said Myron Lee, city manager and treasurer. “With just 274 accounts and a population of 2,000, that’s no way to run a business. We need an incentive for accounts in good standing and a penalty for delinquent accounts.”

Years ago, Monticello City charged a $50 deposit of new utility customers. A handful of those deposits are still held in the city’s coffers and city staffers are working diligently to find out which of those accounts are due a refund – having remained in good standing for 12 months or more.

Accounts receiving shut-off notices in February 2009 will be subject to the new $25 reconnect fee.

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