Monticello names Scott Frost as newest member of City Council

Scott Frost is the newest member of the Monticello City Council. Frost was appointed on August 13 to fill the empty position on the Council which was created by the resignation of Jerry Ward.

Three community members signaled their willingness to serve on the Council, including previous Monticello Mayor Scott Pehrson and Michael Martin.

After each candidate made a statement of interest, the four remaining members of the City Council and Mayor Doug Allen went into executive session. After a private vote, Frost was nominated to serve on the Council. The nomination was approved unanimously.

Frost will fill the position until it is placed on the ballot in November, 2009.

Scott Frost has been involved in community service for several years, including serving as president during the revitalization of the Monticello Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Frost has served as a member of the Monticello Planning Commission for the past four years. He has run for the City Council on one previous occasion.

Frost is a local businessman who has been involved in the growth of Blue Mountain Meats. In recent years, the third largest sheep processing plant in the nation has expanded to distribute food throughout the Four Corners. Blue Mountain Meats is one of the largest private employers in Monticello.

The Council faced a deadline in the appointment of the new city councilman. Ward submitted his resignation in early July. Statute requires that an empty council seat be replaced within 30 days.

Frost joins a council that includes Walter Bird, Jeremy Hoggard, Brad Randall and Scott Shakespeare and is led by Mayor Doug Allen. The City recently hired Myron Lee as City Manager and is in the process of hiring a new assistant city manager.

Frost said he is excited to serve in the position of city councilman He added, “It is enjoyable to work with people like this. It is a good City Council, we should be able to get a lot done.

Frost declined to list the projects he would like to pursue, while stating that he has a lot to learn about the position. He added, “Call me in six months, I’ll tell you what I want to do.

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