Monticello City Councilman resigns

by Buckley Jensen

In a 20 word statement, written July 7, Jerry Ward resigned his position on the Monticello City Council. Ward became a councilman in November, 2007 after running a successful write-in candidacy. He advised City Manager Myron Lee that he was composing a letter which will shed light on the reasons for his sudden departure.

Lee said the City will begin advertising immediately for a replacement. The Council will select from those who apply, and the appointment will be good through November, 2009, when the next city council elections will be held.

Ward was in the first year of a four year term. The Council decided it would be best to make the appointment for his replacement short term, and then let the person appointed run for the office next year if he wishes to keep the position.

In other business, Monticello City will hold a Truth in Taxation public hearing about the first week in August. The purpose of this meeting is to comply with state law which requires a public meeting if tax rates increase for any reason. Citizens will be informed in detail at that meeting.

In a nutshell, by keeping the 2007 mill levy which was .003025, instead of going to the 2008 mill levy of .002837 the city will realize about $10,000 in additional tax revenue, to help mitigate a $161,000 looming shortfall. A loss of about $70,000 per year in tax revenues was experienced when the resort status Monticello enjoyed was lost, along with a .5 percent sales tax.

With other measures also being considered, the shortfall is now whittled down to about $106,000. Other steps are under consideration to balance the budget, some of which were addressed in the July 2 issue of the San Juan Record.

The City also plans to vote on whether or not to make the Loyd’s Lake Trail a bike and hiking trail. At the present time, the trail is for pedestrians only.

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