Marcia Hadenfeldt

Candidate for Bluff Mayor
Twenty-one years as a full-time resident and active contributor to Bluff makes me reflect on what impelled and prepared me to run as the Town of Bluff’s first Mayor.
My passion for city government began when I was appointed to the Glenwood Springs City Council in Colorado. I learned to research and interpret information from both sides of an issue and make informed decisions about challenges and projects. I was assigned to the Planning and Zoning Commission and embraced creative ideas for planning wisely for growth and change in a small town.
We sold our mountaineering store, and in 1996 dropped our daughter off at college and moved to Bluff. We’d been visiting here for years including many backpack trips in what is now Bears Ears National Monument. I’ve helped my husband build Far Out ExpeditionS® into a world recognized guiding company. Our daughter now lives in Bluff and is an advanced EMT.
I worked in Bluff restaurants and hotels, subbed in the local schools and I took Navajo language lessons. I worked 7 seasons at Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum cataloging artifacts as an assistant curator.
I was the secretary (then clerk) for the Bluff Service Area. For 13 years I recorded the meetings and issued minutes. I was GRAMA certified to manage records for the BSA Board. I have an in-depth knowledge of Bluff’s political and practical history.
For 10 years I was Chairman of the San Juan County Planning and Zoning Commission. I helped write and update ordinances that protect our spectacular county and its rural appeal while planning for new opportunities and a changing population.
I am a founding member of the Business Owners of Bluff and was instrumental in running the Bluff Balloon Festival for 20 years. I understand the importance of promoting our tourism economy while planning for the infrastructure to accommodate guests.
I am the librarian for the Bluff and Montezuma Creek Libraries. I help people navigate the internet, write resumes, choose material and often just offer an ear for support.
With the understanding borne of wearing many hats in Bluff, if you elect me Mayor, I will use each of these experiences to help build a foundation for the Town of Bluff that preserves its character, provides for its residents and reflects its new-found independence.

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