Linda Sosa

Candidate for Bluff Town Council
I have lived in Bluff since 1978 and have owned a heating and refrigeration business, been a teacher’s aide at Bluff Elementary, and retired after 17 years of teaching math at Whitehorse High School. I have seen a lot of change over the years, but what drew me to Bluff has not changed: the unique character of the town and warm, welcoming spirit of its residents. They make Bluff even more special.
I served on the Bluff Service Area board for seven years, elected for four years and filled an empty seat for three years. I was Incorporation co-chair and a sponsor. My involvement with these things taught me the importance of transparency and efficiency. I expect to go the extra mile on important issues and hard work.
Those who are elected to the new town council are not just governing the town; they are setting up a town government that works now and for the future. Ordinances, policies, and procedures must be carefully crafted so we start with a strong foundation that is practical while it addresses the wants and needs of our residents and protects our environment.
The people of Bluff are not afraid of change but we want good change. Bluff will keep growing. If elected I will work to preserve and enhance Bluff as a scenic, rural town, encourage careful development that supports growth and tourism, and maintain our sense of community.

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