Online shortcuts not always helpful during San Juan County mud season

Beware of on-line shortcuts on Google Maps, particularly during the San Juan County mud season.
Two new local residents, who desperately want to remain unnamed, thought they had discovered a shortcut from Farmington, NM to Monticello by using the online travel aide.
Unfortunately, the shortcut led them through McElmo Canyon and up Montezuma Canyon during the middle of the mud season on February 6.
Don’t forget that online advice does not always know the on-the-ground reality.
The quest to save time finally ended with a hopelessly stuck vehicle in Deadman Canyon, of all places.
After spending a cold night in the truck, the pair hiked six miles in the wrong direction before they found a cell signal and were able to call for help.
After waiting a day for conditions to dry and for the early morning cold to stiffen the mud, it took several hours of work before Monticello’s Mud Team Six – including Paul and Michelle Sonderegger, Terrell Slade, Helaman Tate, Todd Westcott, and Todd Adair – were able to dig out the stuck vehicle.
Best advise during mud season: Just play it safe and stay on the paved roads.

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