Let the tumbling begin


Sing along with me: “See them tumbling down, pledging their love to the ground, lonely but free I’ll be found, tumbling along with the tumbling tumble mustard.”

The elements came together this Spring to provide the perfect conditions (whatever those are) for a bumper crop of tumble mustard. Every previously disturbed area and fallow field sprouted a thick crop of this weed.  

It’s now cured and tumbling everywhere.  It’s found lurking in the most unusual places and usually in big groups.  

Not to worry, the common “tumbler” is still getting ready to tumble.That would be Russian thistle aka tumble weed.  

This weekend’s high (ugly, nasty) wind provided great transport for the weeds.

On the social scene, this Saturday night will be the annual All Ladies of La Sal October potluck dinner at Kathy Christensen’s charming home in Old La Sal.  This event is held every year in conjunction with the Latter-day Saint Women’s Conference.  

It’s just fun to get together and gab and eat (and there is plenty of good food – it’s a La Sal thing you see) and watch the conference together. And, Kathy will have all her fun Halloween decorations out too.

Things are pretty quiet in our neck of the woods.  We may be country rednecks but we have TV and internet and are abreast of the National and County issues, both situations of which are a mess.  Such discord. Best not to talk politics unless you want to get into a fight.

The population of the town, or at least The Mountain, has swelled somewhat with the popular hunts underway.  We are in muzzleloader season and steaming towards the regular deer season, which is when we really get a lot of visitors.  

I hear The Mountain is full of hunting camps already and that is only going to increase.  

Some local folks find extra employment in conjunction with guided hunts, either as guides or as cooks.  That too is an annual thing. 

A reconnoiter to The Mountain recently indicated that the leaves are indeed turning.  You could even see patches of them from the valley this last week.  

The daylight hours are now just about equal with the nighttime hours. It must be fall.

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