The Shake Shack is back in Monticello

The gears of the legendary ice cream machine are turning. Hamburgers sizzle on the grill and pops from the fryer can be heard as fresh french fries hit the oil.
Jan is training new girls and making sure the food items are sent out. Grayson is grunting at something in the back. It feels like the restaurant never closed and the food items taste like they did before.
For many, the return of the Shake Shack is a familiar and warm memory associated with childhood summers filled with days at the pool, trampoline sleepovers, and bike rides to the Shake Shack with friends for a creamy, candy bar-filled shake. It’s really nice to have it back.
Word spread quickly about the opening of the Shake Shack and cars lined up alongside the highway leading up to the eatery.
On the second day of business, the line to order ran the length of the dining room, yet orders were taken quickly and food was delivered promptly. (I was impressed.)
Some new, friendly faces are staffing the shack, working alongside some familiar ones to get the business going again.
Purchased by the Jeff and Alisa Nielson family earlier this year, the Shake Shack hopes to add some great food and good times back to Monticello.
In buying and running the Shake Shack, they also hope to teach their kids about business.
“I want my kids to have some ownership in the Shack and work hard,” said Alisa Nielson. “Hopefully they learn to manage money, work hard, and have fun in the process.”
Jan and Grayson Redd, former longtime owners of the Shake Shack, spent decades building the reputation of the Shake Shack and have been instrumental in helping the Nielsons get it back up and running again.
Alisa Nielson wasn’t even sure if they could get old “Bertha” — the 65-year-old, original ice cream machine — up and running.
But the machine is still freezing old-fashioned cream into soft serve from heaven.
And I’m happy to report, the creamy goodness is just as it was before.
The Shack is back!

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