Brooke Pehrson,  Portrait photographer

Brooke Pehrson is the owner of Brooke Pehrson photography. Photography really just fell into her lap. She went to school and minored in graphic design and became an artist. 
Pehrson’s experience began with an artistic base, including how to read forms of art. After graduating, she became the lead graphic designer for more than five years at a major company where she created corporate identities for companies, shirt logos, and many other design ideas. 
At the time, she started taking videos for weddings, and considered it a part time job. 
When Pehrson got an opportunity to move the family back to Blanding, she discovered there were limited opportunities for graphic design work. 
While bouncing between a few jobs, Pehrson got her first DSLR camera and started taking pictures of her daughter. 
“She was my inspiration,” Pehrson said. “That’s what started me, was taking pictures of her and using my art background to be able to use the tool of the camera to create art.” 
Pehrson started taking pictures for friends here and there, but before she knew it she had close to 15-20 clients a month. She has now been taking photos for more than 14 years. 
Pehrson’s favorite subjects to shoot are graduating seniors because of the creative side she gets to take with each senior. Depending on the senior’s interest, Pehrson is able to transform the photoshoot to capture the personality of her subject. 
However, Pehrson also enjoys taking family, wedding, and newborn photos.
Pehrson is currently building a home with an office where she hopes to get client photos produced and into their hands faster. The new office is also set up with an infant photo studio where Pehrson hopes to master her skills. 
When planning a photoshoot, it is important to always plan four to six weeks in advance. “If you know you are going to want senior photos, book them now,” Pehrson said.  
When it comes to picture time, Pehrson’s advice is to not stress.
“Pictures can be really fun when clients are able to relax and trust me as a photographer,” she said. “We end up having a lot of fun.
“I truly love people and I love capturing them in their real life. I just love making them feel happy about themselves. I think overall I just love people.” 
To see more of Pehrson’s work or to book her, visit Brooke Pehrson Photography on Facebook, or email You can also contact her by phone at 435-459-0729. 

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