Brett Saunders, Landscape Photographer

by Easton Bowring
Brett Saunders has added a new and exciting twist to photography.
For Saunders, his passion for photography first began with his love for being in the air and being off the ground. He first got into flying drones more than six years ago. 
“I love to fly, but I can’t afford to become a real pilot”, Saunders said. “When I am off the ground, it’s a whole new realm. People look at everything straight on from ground view, but from the air it looks completely different” 
With the new technology, drones have become easier to fly, and make it much more acceptable to have cameras in the sky. 
“To get a camera off the ground and into perspective from the air, it’s just amazing” Saunders said. “For me, flying is where it is at. I love to get the perspective that nobody, or very few can.” 
Saunders first came to San Juan County from southeastern Idaho when his family brought him to the area, and he was instantly hooked. 
For Saunders it wasn’t a matter of if he wanted to move here, instead, it was the question of how he could move here and make a living. 
He originally moved to Monticello, then relocated to Blanding and has fallen in love with it.  
“I love the people” Saunders said. “I love the area and the view is amazing. I have left a few times but always come right back”. 
All of Saunders work can be purchased online on Facebook at Twisted Arch Production. He is also available for hire for both video and photography. No matter if its maps or family vacations, Saunders covers all your drone needs.

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