La Sal emergency responders keep busy 

We have a great group of local emergency responders for which I am continually gratefully, especially since I do not have what it takes to be one.

‘Tis the season – fire season. Just when you think it can’t get any hotter, drier, or windier, it gets hotter, drier, and windier!

We continue to be in high fire danger. It takes very little to spark a fire in the tinder dry vegetation, which is everywhere. 

I stole this report from Kelly Green’s Facebook page (note to self, give Kelly a few quarters in payment for the inches of column space his stolen verbiage will occupy):

“Three fires in La Sal. We have had quite the excitement around here in the last two days.

“Yesterday evening (August 9) a truck was pulling a trailer on Copper Mill road. The tire was bad and the rim threw out sparks. Three fires started.

“Hal Adams spotted it and came to our house and had us call 911. Hal then got Lane and Helen Fuller to help him and Lane got in his backhoe, moved some dirt and helped bring that fire under control – which was near their home and Pat Garcia’s new home – to put it out. Eventually the volunteer fire department arrived and watered it up good.

“We heard that on the mountain two other fires started. Julie and I got our shovels to help Helen Fuller, but by the time we arrived back at the scene, everything was under control. This was a community effort to say the least.”

One comment to Kelly’s post stated that La Sal neighbors are the best neighbors. They are always willing to rush in and help. Such is life in a small village.

So thankful that all ended well, although I did hear that the driver causing the fires was cited and fined. I’m sure the fine was not near enough to cover the cost of the call-out. 

Our buddy Danny McKee stopped by the other day for a chat and told us about a rescue in which he had recently been involved. This took place at Looking Glass Rock.

This happens now and then: a climber gets stuck or their ropes do and emergency rescue is required.

It seems that most of the time these folks try and try to rescue themselves and then about dark decide to call in the professionals. At least this time the stranded person and friends spoke English. 

A few years ago our grandson-in-law was involved in a nighttime rescue where the stranded man and his wife spoke very little English. Makes for an even more interesting adventure. 

In the rescue a couple weeks ago, Danny was all harnessed up and ready to go when someone cautioned to be on the lookout for rattle snakes. These folks all had a healthy respect for the critters. 

Sure enough, one was spotted at the bottom of the rock. The area is notorious for rattlers.

Danny shone his headlamp down where the rattler was ensconced in a pile of rocks. They made a non-verbal agreement to respect each other’s space, which they did.

The rescue then went forward successfully and Mr. Rattler stayed securely in his rock pile. All’s well that ends well. 

On a lighter note, the La Sal Literary Guild will again commence this Thursday evening at 7 p.m. at our little library in a closet.

Our read this time was “When Breath Becomes Air.” It was written by a young neurologist after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. A good read, though sad. For some it hits close to home.

As my good buddy Bob Turri used to say “When it’s your time, it’s your time.” I keep that in mind and try to live every day.

’Course, I steer clear of rattlesnakes and rope climbing. Oh wait, I couldn’t climb a rope if I wanted to!

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