Jennifer Davila

Candidate for Bluff Town Council
I am Jennifer Davila. I have lived in Bluff for 35 years. After growing up here, my husband and I have chosen to make this beautiful spot in the universe the place to raise our own two children. I own a successful lodging property here in Bluff. I have spent many years in Bluff on several boards and have tried to keep my finger on the pulse on the comings and goings of town.
I am running for a 3.5 year city council position for the newly incorporated town of Bluff because I feel like I have a lot at stake in the continuing development of our community. I hope to see this development transpire in a managed and progressive way.
It is important to take into account as many of the citizens wishes as possible without bogging down and becoming an ineffective government office. Over the years, I have served as an active participant and many boards and feel like a have always done my best to reserve judgment and listen to multiple sides of an issue before deciding on how to act.
It is with this idea and through my past experiences that I feel I will be a valued member of the newly formed town of Bluff. I feel that it is important to be an active member of the community in every sense and to be the change that you desire to see happen. I want to assure you that your vote for me will be one of consideration for the best future possible for the town of Bluff. I am 100 percent committed to see this new page of Bluff’s history be a successful one.
I would like to thank the other members of our community who have stepped up to take on this crucial role to help shape the direction that our town continues in. I would also like to emphasize the importance of all people exercising their right to cast and in my opinion obligation to cast a vote to choose the governing bodies to help shape the future. I hope you will have the confidence in me to cast your vote in my direction. Thank you.

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