Frontier announces a state of the art 76-mile fiber-optic network

One area’s problems sometimes create an opportunity somewhere else.

The significantly decrease in demand for services in California’s central valley (caused by the housing crisis) will result in a dramatic increase in the quality of telecommunications service in southeast Utah after Frontier Communication recently announced a state-of-the-art 76 mile fiber-optic network in San Juan County.

Frontier officials say that the communication backbone will better link Southeast Utah to the rest of the world. The $2.5 million project will be completed in two phases. The first phase is nearly complete and links the Moab area to La Sal. The second phase of the project will run from La Sal to Blanding in a 24 wire fiber-optic network. Phase 2 is 51 miles and is set for completion in 2009.

The existing microwave transmission system, which currently carries the telecommunications services to southeast Utah, will be redirected to provide redundant service in the area. Frontier representatives said that customers may experience faster internet speed even before the fiber arrives in their community because of the decreased dependence upon the microwave system. They add that the 24-wire fiber-optic network should be able to handle growth in the area for many years.

Maggie Wilderotter, the chief executive officer of Frontier, traveled to Moab to announce the project. She said that the housing crisis is intense in central California, giving the company a chance to make capital investments in other areas.

“This state of the art fiber network is a vital and important step for the commercial growth and economic development of Southeast Utah,” said Mike Giles, Utah General Manager for Frontier.  “By enhancing the communications backbone between Moab and Blanding we can offer faster download speeds and advanced technology applications to our business customers. With this fiber network we will support the growing communication demands of education, government, health care, tourism and mining.” 

The fiber network, owned and managed by Frontier, will provide 3 and 6 Mbps capability, and will also provide customers with unlimited capabilities for future growth.

For school systems, Frontier’s fiber network will allow for distance learning and online research for students and improved communication between teachers and parents.

The fiber network will transform health care through teleradiology and telemedicine. Mining and manufacturing partners will enjoy the efficiencies of greater data capacity.

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