Stateline Bar & Grill just what area needed

by Mary Cokenour
For seven years, a rustic building sat alone and lonely along Route 491; it had once been a bar/restaurant/antiques shop, but no longer was it loved.
Then came along Tim and Shelly Meyer to breathe life back into, not just the building, but business along this stretch of highway bordering Utah and Colorado.
The building has two parts, the bar and the restaurant; each with separate entries, but connected inside. The bar has television sets for viewing of the latest sports games, a pool table area, and menu items are available as well.
There are nightly specials, but Stateline has a five page menu; it has typical bar food, but so much more! Many of the items are house made, some not, but they are cooked up so well that you have a difficult time telling.
For example: Fried Mozzarella Sticks and Italian Breaded Zucchini; two items you might think are house made, but made so well, you’ll be fooled. The marinara and buttermilk ranch sauces that come with their respective dishes are house made and delicious! The marinara has loads of garlic and is thicker than what is usually served with an appetizer. The buttermilk ranch on a salad makes it difficult not to lick the plate clean.
A couple of dinner main dishes, Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken and Ribeye Steak with Sweet Potato; both come with grilled zucchini. The steak is perfectly cooked; a huge 12 ounces (lean, very little fat) that almost filled up the cast iron skillet it was served on.
The chicken is also grilled and has so much flavor; the grilled zucchini was a very welcome vegetable; no over steamed or microwaved vegetables here. The Fettuccine Alfredo was buttery rich, pasta cooked perfectly and the chicken was an excellent addition to it.
Now the sweet potato has its own story; nicely baked and good plain; better with butter; but the best is the house made cinnamon butter. Talk about a mouthful of pleasure! The portions are generous; you’ll end up taking some of each meal home.
More in the mood for a burger and fries?; how about two fisted, all beef burgers (cooked exactly how you like it) served with an overflowing portion of hand cut fries. Try out a cup or bowl of the house made soups, oh so comforting and full of flavor.
But wait, there’s more...dessert! Most desserts are not house made, but purchased from a coffee establishment in Dove Creek where they are made fresh. Crème Brulee Cheesecake which is thick, rich and decadent. Zango which is a deep fried burrito filled with in the mouth!
Stateline Bar & Grill is only open Thursday through Sunday, which is great for the area on Sunday when most of the towns close up tighter than a duck in water. The restaurant hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; the bar is 11 a.m. until...?
Follow them on Facebook to find out what specials they’re holding for the holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day and July 4th.
Catering is available; and you can hold your own event there. Shuttle service is also available for those who partied just a little too hardy. A newly renovated section of Stateline’s property allows for RV parking and camping out.
Stateline is a must try place! Great for a rest and good bite of food; great to pick up food and take on your trip; just great.
Oh, there are t-shirts for sale with the Stateline logo on the front and a saying on the back. “Ever been to Nowhere? Now you have!” You will definitely enjoy eating at this “Nowhere”.

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