Tylan Dee is Advisor of the Year at Utah State

Tylan Dee, an Academic Advisor at the Utah State University Blanding Campus, has been named the Outstanding New Advisor of the Year for the entire university by the USU Advising Awards Committee.
Dee was selected by the committee based on his accomplishments and service providing academic advising centered around student needs, implementing tools and technologies and contributions to advising colleagues.
Dee is a member of the Diné (Navajo) tribe and grew up on the Navajo reservation in Monument Valley before recently settling in Blanding.
“Tylan has consistently proven himself to be a self-starter with an exceptional talent for problem-solving,” said Priscilla Arungwa, director of students at USU Blanding. “Tylan’s reliability, intelligence, and amiable nature make him an invaluable asset to our team and a significant contributor to the positive trajectories of our students’ careers.
“His dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit set him apart as an exceptional candidate for this honor.”
Dee began attending USU in 2012 and worked in the school’s cafeteria beginning that year. After taking a hiatus from school in 2014 due to struggling with classwork and facing academic suspension, Dee joined the staff as a full-time employee, eventually working his way up to Day Shift Manager.
Knowing it was time for a change, he returned to finish his bachelor’s degree in 2021, majoring in Integrated Studies. He graduated in 2022.
During this time, Dee also was accepted for one of the Student Services Coordinator positions through USU Blanding working with the admissions and registrar’s office. It was here he got into helping other students.
While working on his bachelor’s degree and remembering the struggles of leaving the reservation for the first time, Dee came to the realization that he knew what he wanted to do with his life: be an academic advisor at USU Blanding and help other students succeed who come from this similar background.
“Advising at USU Blanding has been such a fulfilling experience that has allowed me to focus on helping students experience their own empowerment, develop their work ethical mindset, and discover how their resilience can contribute to self-improvement,” Dee said.
“I challenge my students to channel those aspects into succeeding in their coursework, programs, life goals, and career ambitions. Being able to see my students believing in themselves and achieving their goals is beyond rewarding.
“I have a huge passion for working in higher education and advocating for my students because I know how it felt to be in their shoes at one point. Also, being from the Navajo reservation, I wanted to help other Native American students succeed while coming to USU Blanding, as I personally know how it is being away from the reservation for the first time.”
Working with students, Dee strives to help them create plans, guiding them into their programs of interest, and helping them achieve their educational and career goals. He strives every day to help educate others and help them find their full potential beyond their own expectations.
“Tylan has been a very supportive and resourceful academic advisor,” said Shania Paul, a student majoring in elementary education at USU Blanding.
“With his motivating words and guidance, he helped me overcome my academic challenges and struggles which played a crucial role in my academic success.
“I’ve seen how he prioritizes and communicates with each of his students and shows genuine interest to support and help them succeed in their academic journey with Utah State University.”
Dee is praised by his supervisor for being proactive at identifying and addressing inefficiencies. He is also commended for his leadership and work with students.
Dee continued his schooling and was admitted into the Educational Technology and Learning Sciences, Master of Education program, graduating in 2024.
He will continue to work for USU Blanding as he works toward a doctorate degree in Higher Education administration from the University of Utah.

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