San Juan High School science teacher is 2019 Teacher of the Year

Jamie Carling, a Science teacher at San Juan High School, is the 2019 Teacher of the Year for the San Juan School District. Carling was honored for her work at a March 4 banquet.
Carling has taught in the San Juan School District for a number of years, including at San Juan High for the past three years.
At San Juan High School, Principal Bob Peterson said Carling “has evolved and expanded the Earth Systems curriculum. She has introduced blended learning into the classroom, using Chromebooks and CANVAS to enhance her curriculum.
“All this has led to amazing proficiency achievements in earth systems, jumping from 47 percent in 2016 to 62 percent in 2018. Amazing!”
Jamie is very involved in expanding the classroom and seeking experiential learning opportunities for her students.
Carling now moves on to the Utah State competition for the Utah Teacher of the Year.
The Teacher of the Year in 2018 was Debbie Pugh of Blanding Elementary.
A host of hardworking teachers and employees were honored by the school district for their efforts.
Teachers and staff from the Blanding schools who were honored include Jeri Montella and Sara Monson at Blanding Elementary, Dawn Nakai and Jodilyn Blake at AR Lyman Middle, and Jamie Carling and Melissa Palmer at San Juan High.
Teachers and staff from the Montezuma Creek schools who were honored include Christopher Reeves and Tiffany Blackgoat at Montezuma Creek Elementary and Marion Filfred and Tim Harrison at Whitehorse High.
Teachers and staff from the Monument Valley schools who were honored include Jody Lee-Chadde and Tara Cly at Tse’bii’nidzisgai Elementary and Ryan Carlson and Raynard Cowboy at Monument Valley High.
Teachers and staff from the Monticello schools who were honored include Jenna Olson and Shanna Black at Monticello Elementary and Elisa Rogers and Tiffany Chamberlain at Monticello High.
Honored for their work at Bluff Elementary are Chandra Hart and Camie McPherson, while the La Sal Elementary honorees are Amanda Shupe and Amber Beshoner. Tony Anderson was honored for his work at Navajo Mountain High. 
In the District Office, Sheri Montella, Eva Ewald, and Jared Brown were honored. 

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