Raise approved in schools

Members of the San Juan School Board approved updated contracts negotiated between the San Juan Educators Association and District Administration.

The result is a five-percent increase to base salary as well as salary level increases, known as steps, and continuing education advancement, known as lanes.

The district also approved a change to their building use rental policy.

The change was suggested by a non-profit group that drew attention to the cost to use the building even though their service was intended to benefit the local community.

Similar mechanisms already exist for so-called feeder programs. Community Youth programs that help prepare students for programs and sports in later grades, can also have facility fees waived.

The new policy waives facility use fees for nonprofits and charter organizations that meet the following criteria:
It is deemed by school/district administration that use of the facility will reasonably support positive community service.
The service event is a not-for-profit event where no individual(s) are receiving financial benefit from it.
The facility has been scheduled through the school/district administrator ensuring the activity does not take precedence over high priority school programs or functions.
The requesting organization has arranged for district approved individuals to volunteer any required services such as but not limited to providing building access, supervision, custodial, etc.
The requesting organization has agreed to follow all district/school guidelines and directions as explained in the Building Use Agreement and will assume financial responsibility for any obvious damage to school/district property beyond the considered normal wear for use.
In suggesting the policy change Superintendent Ron Nielson said revisiting the policy caused the district to consider if their facility fees, with a conclusion that rates are in a good place.
Members of the school board also approved voluntary participation in a survey administered by the US Department of Education.

The department will survey staff, parents, and 9th graders who receive parental permission. The longitudinal study will survey up to 40 students at Whitehorse, San Juan, and Monument Valley in the fall of this year, with a follow-up in the spring of 2026.

At the meeting, the board also recognized Navajo Mountain High School science and engineering teacher Heather Anderson with the San Juan Sweet Jobs Award for going above and beyond the call of duty to engage students.

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