Highly Effective Teacher bonus award

Eight teachers in the San Juan School District were the recipients of the Highly Effective Teacher bonus at the end of the school year.
Since 2018, the Effective Teachers in High Poverty Schools Incentive Program has rewarded teachers whose students show growth in tested subjects in state defined high poverty schools.
The amount each teacher receives for the award is different depending on the number of classes they teach that qualifies, this year ranging from $5,600 to $7,500. The district and state split the cost 50/50 and each district must verify it wishes to participate in the program, with many in the state opting out. 
The program uses data that is two years old so with COVID concerns, the River Region did not participate in End of the Year Testing.  Consequently, the district did not have any River Region teachers eligible for the bonus. 
Five teachers earned the award at Monticello Elementary, including Stephanie Pehrson, Linda Keyes, Julie Lewis, Carrie Black and Julie Bunker.
Jodliyn Blake and Randal Bourchard earned the award at ARL Middle School. Elisa Rogers and Kara Boyd earned the award at Monticello High.

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