Fond farewell to Mary Lou

by Bill Boyle
Mary Lou Hoggard came to me soon after I returned to San Juan County and said she wanted to write a weekly column in the San Juan Record. What’s New by Mary Lou was an important part of the paper each week for nearly a decade.
In What’s New, Mary Lou recounted the comings and goings of life in a small town in an isolated corner of the world. But it was much more than that. In her weekly column, Mary Lou captured the spirit of a community.
As we live together and work together and laugh together and mourn together, the community pulls together. Mary Lou helped accomplish that for this little town and for that, we say thank you.
Mary Lou died on January 11 at the age of 76.
Mary Lou had great pride in her heritage. She loved those who went before her and she served them. For many years, she served at the Monticello cemetery, where she led the effort to honor Veterans.
The cemetery is beautiful and comfortable and accessible, due in part to Mary Lou’s efforts. She loved the stories of her ancestors and the rugged people who settled here. Mary Lou’s ancestors were here long before Monticello was created at the base of the Blues.
• • • • •
I’ve been to many funerals in the past year. Too many funerals.
The San Juan Record family has been hit hard. We have lost Joyce Martin and Nell Dalton. We lost Kyle Slack and my brother, Doug Boyle. Now we have lost Mary Lou.
• • • • •
I am excited to announce that Terri Winder once again will be writing for the San Juan Record. Her initial article begins on page 6.
Terri’s wonderfully poignant writing was an important part of the paper for many years. We are so excited for her return.
• • • • •
The San Juan Record is initiating a subscription campaign that will benefit local Boy Scouts. A group of scouts is raising money to attend the 2013 National Jamboree in West Virginia. All new subscriptions or renewals initiated in the month of February will include a $5 donation to the scout of your choice.
We did this in 2005 and it helped raise several hundred dollars for the Scouts to attend the 2005 Jamboree.   Subscribers can submit the form to PO Box 879 Monticello, UT 84535, send an email to or call 435-587-2277.

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