Crave a cool drink of water?

by Bill Boyle
Think the tap water in Monticello is warmer than normal this week? Well, it is.
The City began to pump water from Loyds Lake to the culinary water treatment plant on September 3.
One result is that the tap water is a bit warmer, as it comes from a reservoir rather than straight from a mountain stream.
In the past, residents have complained about a change in the taste of the water when the reservoir water is used, but I can’t detect any difference this year.
During drought years in the past, the City would begin pumping water from Loyds Lake as early as late June. The fact that they did not pump until September is evidence of the effectiveness of the water system improvements of the past eight years.
Speaking of water, Monticello City Public Works Director Nathan Langston asks local residents to be careful about the amount of water that they use during the last few weeks of the watering season.
Langston said that in 2011, secondary water use peaked in the months of September and October.
With many gardens slowing down and with the days getting shorter, there simply is not as much of a need to water as there is in the heat of the summer.
In fact, a city brochure specifically focused on watering needs in Monticello states that lawns should be watered once every five days in September rather than the recommended once every three days in July. It goes on to recommend that lawns be watered once every eight days beginning in October.
Every drop that we do not use this fall could come in handy next summer, particularly if we have another dry winter.
• • • • •
You may have noticed a difference in the San Juan Record last week. We had a holiday-related breakdown in communication and, as a result, the September 5 newspaper was printed on standard newsprint rather than the high-quality hi-brite paper that we generally use.
The difference is pretty dramatic if you put this paper and last week’s paper side-by-side. Hi-brite is, as the name suggests, brighter than newsprint. The colors hold well and the paper does not deteriorate over time, as does newsprint. As you can guess, hi-brite costs a bit more, but we like the difference.
• • • • •
Monticello native Janell Randall Brown won an episode of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network on September 9. She won $10,000 for her efforts. Janell operates One Sweet Slice in South Jordan, UT.
• • • • •
The sports website Max Preps recently published a list of “ten high school football stadiums to see before you die”.
The list includes a $60 million stadium in Texas, a 22,400-seat stadium in Ohio, and the field at Monument Valley High School.
While describing the Monument Valley field, the website states: “This field, located close to the Arizona border in the heart of the Navajo Reservation, provides a world-famous view of desert landscape. Watching from the stands as the sun begins to set, one can see ancient red-rock formations go from red to orange to purple to maroon…”
Read about it here.

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