Darryl Worley – Live in concert at the San Juan County Fair

It’s that time of year again, when you can see a fantastic country music star, right in your own backyard. This year you can see Darryl Worley, LIVE at the San Juan County Fair, on Thursday, August 7 at 7:30 p.m. with opening act Charley Jenkins who made his television debut as one of the top 12 on this seasons NBC hit “Nashville Star”.

Tickets are on sale in Moab at Western Image, Cortez at Legacy Imagery, Blanding at BCL Distributing, and Monticello at Monticello Days Inn, or by phone at (435) 587-2458.

Darryl Worley has never sounded so good. Not only that - he’s never sounded so much like Darryl Worley. 

Not, at least, since the world started listening. If we could go back a few years, back to before his name became synonymous with charisma, soulful vocals, American pride, and killer live shows, we might have heard something like these songs during his sets in the local clubs, dances, and lodges around Pyburn, Tennessee.

His music was raw back then, just like country music is supposed to be. He sang for working men and women - people who didn’t like being told what to do. 

People, that is, like Darryl Worley was back then and still is to this day. 

For all that he has accomplished, from the wistfully romantic “I Miss My Friend” to the defiant anthem “Have You Forgotten?,” both of which topped the singles charts, his work up to this point offers just one perspective on who he is and what he has to offer.

On his latest album, HERE AND NOW Worley reveals himself fully, for the first time, as both an artist and an individual. 

For the record, there’s no question over what Darryl Worley is - namely, a country music phenomenon, a preacher’s son and the grandson of a moonshiner from Pyburn, Tennessee, who won academic honors in high school and at the University of North Alabama even while blowing off steam singing and partying hard on the honky-tonk circuit.

His songwriting skills earned him a deal with Fame Publishing in Muscle Shoals, Alabama ; a number of artists, including George Jones, cut some of his early tunes. After two years EMI Publishing signed him to their songwriting team, and in 1994 Worley moved to Nashville. 

Success came quickly. The Academy of Country Music nominated Worley for Top New Male Vocalist in 2002. He also earned nominations from the Country Music Association for its Horizon Award in 2002 and ‘03 and Single of the Year and Song of the Year in 2003 for “Have You Forgotten?”

The Tennessee House of Representatives cited him that same year for his contributions to country music. His fan base kept growing and his concerts regularly sold out.

Perhaps the high point of this period, though, involved Worley’s visit in 2002 to meet and entertain our troops stationed in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Uzbekistan.

Transformed by the experience, he wrote and recorded “Have You Forgotten?,” one of the most controversial and inspirational records of our time. Worley hasn’t wavered in his support for those who put their lives on the line for democracy; over the past few years he’s repeated his trip and expanded it to include performances in Iraq.

On the home front, he played a key role in organizing the annual American Freedom Festival to raise funds for our veterans. 

“These are tough times,” he sums up, “so when people pay to see a show, they want above all to have fun” and that is what you are guaranteed with a Darryl Worley show.

At long last, the real Darryl Worley has arrived. You can’t miss him - he’s the one with the quick laugh and the voice that comes up from somewhere deep in the tradition of soulful country singing.

And with HERE AND NOW, he’s here to stay - his way.

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